Saturday, June 24, 2017

4Ground - Legends of Fabled Realms Starter Set Preview

4Ground announced the contents of the Legends of Fabled Realms starter set:

Contents of a Starter Set
A quick glimpses of the contents of a starter set. All our starter sets are going to be self contained for one player. We are doing this, as those of us that are gamers here always have the conundrum...
Who gets to keep the rule book, dice, tokens etc..
The contents of a set is full of everything you need to play a game:
8 Highly detailed plastic miniatures.
18 Skill Dice (9 white, 6 Blue and 3 Red)
2 Legacy Dice
6 Preset Character Cards
14 Preset Henchmen Cards
1 Game play card
1 Rule Book
1 Warband Game Tracker
1 Character Creation Note Pad
1 Measuring Aid
Tokens needed for the game
All of this comes in a box shaped like a book with he inside cover having the backstories of all the charters and henchmen.
Kickstarter 30th of June
Link: 4Ground

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