Saturday, June 25, 2022

Fallout Hobbies - New Releases

 Fallout Hobbies offers new 3D-printable miniatures and bits:

Link: Fallout Hobbies

Don Stouffer - Kickstarter Ending Soon

 The Mausoleum | 3D printable terrain set Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

Macrocosm - New Sale Announcement

 Macrocosm announced a new sale:

Sale And Mystery Boxes
Hello all,
We have some exciting news to share. We have sold our home and will be moving in a few months time to a new location.
Part of the process means clearing out our packing workshop of excess stock.
What we have done is made up a load of really great boxes filled with mystery items so you can help us clear the workshop.

Link: Macrocosm 

Bunch-O-Minis - Kickstarter Ending Soon

 The A Pirate's Life Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

Empress Miniatures - New Previews

 Empress Miniatures published new preview pictures:

Link: Pictures on facebook

Link: Empress Miniatures

Atomic Mass Games - New Pre-Orders

 New Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures can be pre-ordered from Atomic Mass Games:

Link: Atomic Mass Games

SPECTRE Miniatures - New Release

 SPECTRE Miniatures released a new set of miniatures:

Link: SPECTRE Miniatures

TT Combat - New Previews

 TT Combat presents an upcoming range of SciFi Halflings:

Link: TT Combat

Monster Fight Club - The WItcher Announcement

 Monster Fight Club announced a new range based on the The Witcher video games:

We also recently announced that, in collaboration with CD Projekt Red and R. Talsorian Games, we are creating a line of Witcher miniatures for use in the Witcher RPG game. Several models will be available on our webstore shortly after GenCon and we are excited to showcase many of them over the next few weeks for you on our social media channels. Be sure to click the links down below and follow along in our reveal journey!

Link: Monster Fight Club

Trolls Under the Bridge - New Releases

 Trolls Under the Bridge offers new 6mma nd 10mm releases:

Link: Trolls Under the Bridge

Mad Robot Miniatures - New Releases

 New head sets are available from Mad Robot Miniatures:

Link: Mad Robot Miniatures

Landmark Dice - Kickstarter Ending Soon

 The Kaleidoscope Collection Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Landmark Dice

Black Tree Design Miniatures - New Sale Announcement

Black Tree Design Miniatures announced a new sale:


Link: Black Tree Design Miniatures

Friday, June 24, 2022

Privateer Press - New Previews

 Privateer Press published new preview pictures:

Link: Privateer Press

Eureka Miniatures - New Previews

 Eureka Miniatures presents the 28mm Paris Mob:

Link: Pictures on facebook

Link: Eureka Miniatures

Puppetswar - New Sale Announcement

 Puppetswar announced a new sale:

    Over 35K followers here, over 10K on IG
    To celebrate this milestone we prepared a discount for all Heads which will be active till the end of
    the month

Link: Puppetswar

Victrix - New Release

 A new plastic set is available from Victrix:

Link: Victrix

Klaus - Kickstarter Ending Soon

 The AIRFORCE COLLECTION STL files Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

Minairons Miniatures - New Flags

 Minairons Miniatures added new flags to their range:

Link: Minairons Miniatures

Ramper Design - Kickstarter Ending Soon

 The Takkure: Relaunch! Kickstarter is ending soon:

Peter Pig Games - New Releases

 Peter Pig Games releases new 15mm Mexican Revolution boxed sets:

Link: Peter Pig Miniatures

Key Capas - Kickstarter Ending Soon

 The Africa inspired STL files Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

Alternative Armies - New Releases

 Alternative Armies released new 28mm miniatures:

Link: Alternative Armies

Modiphius Entertainment - New Previews

 Modiphius Entertainmnet announced upcoming Fallout releases:

Link: Modiphius Entertainment