Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raging Heroes - Fantasy Kurganova Naming Contest

Raging Heroes announced another naming contest, this time for the Fantasy versions of the Kurganova Sisters:

We are now nearly done with the Fantasy versions of the Kurganova sisters.
As we did for the SF versions, we want to ask our German-speaking friends to find the three sisters' mottos.
But we also want to make their names and their surnames more Germanic, so we would like suggestions for names for each of the sisters, as well as a Germanized version of their family name (we are thinking along the lines of Von Kurgan-something...).

 Link: Raging Heroes

Perry Miniatures - WW2 Plastics Preview

Perry Miniatures published pictures of new WW2 North Africa miniatures:

Afrika Korps

8th Army

SAS heads

Link:: Perry Miniatures

HiTech Miniatures - New Flying Bases

HiTech Miniatures offers a new set of 40mm flying bases:

Link: HiTech Miniatures

Thomarillion - New Heraldry Set

A new heraldry set is now available from thomarillion:

Link: Thomarillion

Comfy Chair Games - Jokul Frosti Preview

Comfy Chair Games presents Jokul Frosti for the Norse box set of their new game, Dominion of the gods:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Comfy Chair Games

SIMON Miniatures - Cannibal and Goliath

Two new miniatures are available from SIMON Miniatures:

Link: SIMON Miniatures

Ulisses Spiele - Schicksalspfade Tabletop

The german comapny Ulisses Spiele releases a new tabletop game called Schicksalspfade (Paths of Fate) based on their popular Das Schwarze Auge roleplaying game:


The rules are only available in german at the moment.

Link: Ulisses Spiele

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Warploque Miniatures - Bayourk Brutes and Krunk the Barbarian

The  Bayourk Brutes and Krunk the Barbarian are now available as pre-orders from Warploque Miniatures:


Link: Warploque Miniatures

Freebooter Miniatures - New Releases

Freebooter Miniatures announced Gunpowder Mary and Chicomeh and Matqueh for Freebooter's Fate:

Cipher Studios - Anima Tactics Kudoi

A new miniature for Anima Tactics has been announced by Cipher Studios:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Cipher Studios

Vesper-On Games - Painted Pulcinela

Vesper-On Games presents the painted version of Pulcinela:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Vesper-On Games

Victrix - Napoleon's Middle Imperial Guard

Victrix announced a new plastic box set:


Link: Victrix

Heer46 - E50 Jagdpanzer Release

The E50 Jagdpanzer in 1/100th is now available from Heer46:

Link: Heer46

Dark Art Miniatures - Tombs of the Dark Sun

The Tombs of the Dark Sun: Core & Feature set is now available for pre-orders from Dark Art Miniatures:

Corvus Belli - New Infinity Releases

Corvus Belli officially announced the next wave of Infinity releases:


Link: Infinity

Victoria Miniatures - Currency Change

Victoria Miniatures announced to change all their prices to US-$:

Hi, from today Victoria Miniatures Online Store will be changing from Australian Dollars to US Dollars. That means, no more high Aussie Dollar worries, and a better deal for everyone.

Link: Victoria Miniatures 

Break! Fantasy Flight Games - Tannhauser Frankenstahl Preview

Fantasy Flight Games published an article about the new Tannhauser Expansion Frankenstahl:


Link: Fantasy Flight Games

Raging Heroes - Olga Kurganova and Charlie Preview

A new preview of Olga Kurganova and Charlie the bulldog has been posted by Raging Heroes:


Perry Miniatures - ACW Confederate Infantry Preview

Perry Miniatures published more previews of their soon to be released ACW Confederate Infantry:


Monday, October 29, 2012

Knight Models - Arkham Joker Preview

Knight Models published a new preview of their upcoming Arkham skirmish game:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Knight Models

Anvil Industry - New Steamlord Torsos

Anvil Industry now offers new torsos for their Steamlords range:

Link: Anvil Industry

GCT Studios - Prefecture of Ryu Standard Bearer

GCT Studio published an artwork of the Standard Bearer for the Prefecture of Ryu:

Link: Bushido

HiTech Miniatures - Xyster Jetbike

The Xyster Jetbike is now available from HiTech Miniatures:


Vesper-On Games - White Collar Thief Sculpt

Vesper-On Games presents the White Collar Thief, available as a stretchgoal for their Indiegogo campaign:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Campaign on Indiegogo
Link: Vesper-On Games