Saturday, August 27, 2016

Norsgard - New Artworks

Norsgard presents new artworks of miniatures for their upcoming KIckstarter campaign:

 Are you ready for next kickstarter in October/November?
Link: Pictures on facebook 
Link: Norsgard

Reaper Miniatures - Bases Kickistarter

Reaper mIniatures is running a Kickstarter capign for plain bases:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Reaper Miniatures

Tercio Creativo - Indiegogo Announcement

Tercio Creativo announced an upcoming Xtraidos Indiegogo campaign:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Tercio Creativo

TrueTiles Designs - Dungeon Expansions Chasms and Water Kickstarter

TrueTiles Designs launched the Dungeon Expansions: Chasms and Water Kickstarter:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

Gangfight Game Studio - New Unsung Preview

Gangfight Game Studio published a new preview picture of their Unsung gang for Blackwater Gulch:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Gangfight Game Studio

Friday, August 26, 2016

Blitzkrieg Miniatures - 1/48th Sexton Preview

Blitzkrieg Miniatures published a preview of their 1/48th Sexton:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Blitzkrieg Miniatures

Ristul's Market - New Fantasy Wooden Road Signs

A new set of Fantasy wooden road signs is available from Ristul's Market:

Link: Ristul's Market

John McManis - Halfling Skeletons Kickstarter

John McManis has launched his Halfling Skeletons Kickstarter:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

Mini Monsters - New Skull Columns

Mini Monsters offers new skull columns:

Link: Mini Monsters

Break! Geek Nation Torus - AdeptiCon 2017 Tour Announcement

Geek Nation Tours announced their AdeptiCon 2017 tour:

In the past, Geek Nation Tours brought tour participants Pre-Public guaranteed AdeptiCon registration. We offered those that hop on the tour the opportunity to select AdeptiCon events before the general public and thus insure that tour participants get to grab all the events that they are hoping for. This year is no exception – book prior to October 30th 2016 and you will be able to pre-register for all events in advance of them going public. Don’t come half way across the world only to have the spots you wanted disappear…
2017 will see Geek Nation Tours again include both the Very Important Gamer and Regular AdeptiCon Weekend Pass in the tour price. The package includes Preferred Check-in, an AdeptiCon T-shirt, and an AdeptiCon glass. Not only that – Geek Nation Tours makes your VIG package even better! We love making it easier for our tour participants! We will pick up your tickets, weekend passes and your swag bags for you. Absolutely no waiting in line – just show up at the Welcome Dinner and “bang!” you will receive your loot hassle free (with a few extras from Geek Nation Tours and Ironheart Artisans).
Geek Nation Tours has of course, hotel rooms right at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel! So all you have to do is roll out of bed and into the goodness that is AdeptiCon. But that’s not all! The Renaissance has also given us free Wi-Fi in our rooms for the duration of our stay… Each year Geek Nation Tours offers an “AdeptiCon Welcome Dinner” where we have had tonnes of Guest Speakers from all aspects of the Wargaming Universe. From Black Library authors Dan Abnett, Chris Wraight, C.L. Werner and Andy Smillie to Game Designers like Andy Chambers. GNT also invites Wargame Industry leaders like Fantasy Flight Games, Mantic Games, Privateer Press and Cool Mini or Not, to Pro Painters Victoria Lamb, Chris Borer, Dave Taylor, Meg Maples, Brandon Palmer, and Sculptor Patrick Keith from Bombshell Miniatures. Of course our Podcasting friends also come join us for some fun and allow fans to visit with the crews from 40K Radio, Independent Characters, The Overlords, Bad Dice, Ohiohammer and the Screaming Heretics to name only a few.
Link: Geek Nation Tours

Goblinguild Miniatures - New Green Ratz Preview

Goblinguild MIniatures published a team picture of their Green Ratz:

Link: Goblinguild Miniatures on facebook

Hungry Troll - Wendigo Sale

Hungry Troll announced a special offer for their Wendigo:

Link: Hungry Troll

Hidden Forrest Gaming - New 2D Terrain Kickstarter

Hidden Forest Gaming is running a new Kickstarter for 2D Terrain:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Hidden Forest Gaming

Warhansa - Necro Squad Release

The Necro Squad is now available from Warhansa:

Link: Warhansa

Galloping Major - Kickstarter Ending Soon

The Redcoats Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Galloping Major

Warlord Games - New Konflikt '47 Releases

New German reinforcements for Konflikt '47 are available from Warlord Games:

Link: Warlord Games

Vanguard Miniatures- 6mm Breacher Siege Harness Preview

Vanguard Miniatures presents their 6mm breacher siege harness:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Vanguard Miniatures

Break! Inkwell Ideas - Worldographer Kickstarter

Inkwell Ideas is running a Kickstarter campaign for a new version of the Hexographer world map software:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Inkwell Ideas 

Gamecraft Miniatures - 6mm Modular Vauban Fortress Preview

Gamecraft Miniatures published a preview of their 6mm modular Vauban fortress:

About 2 years ago or so someone suggested that I make Vauban Fortress Walls in 6mm scale. Here is the preliminary design. Modules include corner pieces and 1" and 2" straight sections so you can build a 6 point fortress in any of the following sizes 6"x6", 6"x8", or 8"x8" .... or even bigger by using additional straight sections between the corners. I'm going to also make some straight wall sections with angled ends so that you can create a 4 point square or rectangle fortress.
Link: Gamecraft Miniatures

The Ion Age - Free Shipping Offer

The Ion Age announced a new free shipping offer:

From now until 9am GMT Tuesday 30th August 2016 we are having a free worldwide postage on all orders over 10.00GBP in product value! This applies to our three websites and all our 6mm, 15mm and 28mm miniatures and game systems in fact everything on our websites you can put in your cart (not downloads). All you need to do is add to the cart and the website will do the rest. Click on the links to go to each site. As many orders as you like to anywhere in the world. Remember that any special offers that are currently running are included in this promotion.
Link: The Ion Age

Petersen Games - Kickstarter Update

The Gods War Kickstarter unlocked several new stretchgoals:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Petersen Games

Deep Cut Studio - Limited Edition Gaming Mat

Deep Cut Studio released a new limited edition space gaming mat:

New gaming mat release! Our first limited edition game mat just saw the daylight. Image, used to create this mat, was released to celebrate Hubble Space Telescope‘s 26th birthday. Bubble Nebula, also known as NGC 7635, lies 8 000 light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. This is a truly unique release with each mat having its own serial number. Mat boasts exceptional attention to quality and comes with some extra goodies in the package. Check it out while highly limited supplies last!
Link: Deep Cut Studio

Steamforge Games - New Guild Ball Preview

Steamforge Games presents Shark for Guild Ball:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Steamforged Games

Sea Dog Game Studios - New 15mm Shipwrecks

Sea Dog Game Studios released new 15mm shipwrecks:

Link: Sea Dog Game Studios

Hasslefree Miniatures - New Releases

Hasslefree Miniatures released new miniatures:

Link: Hasslefree Miniatures