Friday, April 17, 2015

Mierce Minaitures - New Darklands Releases

Mierce Miniatures released new miniatures for Darklands:

Link: Mierce Miniatures

Meridian Miniatures - Terramortis Preview

Meridian Miniatures announced a new range called Terramortis:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Meridian Miniatures

Mantic Games - Mars Attacks Whacky World War

Mantic Games announced the Whacky World War expansion for Mars Attacks:

Mars Attacks: World War represents the next stage in Mars Attacks play and gives you a system of rules to play out that next step. Instead of prescriptive scenarios and set force lists, these rules take Mars Attacks closer to a tabletop wargame.
Whether you have played these kinds of games before, or this is your first time, this book will ease you through the process, introducing new concepts which will expand your games to reflect the wider conflict.
Link: Mantic Games

Minairons Miniatures - 1/56th M1 Armored Car

Minairons Miniatures announced a 1/56th scale M1 Armored Car:

Link: Minairons Miniatures

Freebooter Miniatures - New Previews

Freebooter Miniatures presents new previews:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Freebooter Miniatures

Empress Miniatures - New Releases

Empress Miniatures announced new releases:

Link: Empress Miniatures

Warlord Games - New Pike&Shotte Releases

Warlord Games announced several new releases for Pike&Shotte:

This supplement for Pike & Shotte describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of the Thirty Years War. Included are scenarios based on some of the famous battles and army lists for the main protagonists.

This box has three mighty weapons carefully protected by well-built gabion and wicker work defences, with the gunpowder barrels safely stowed in pits. Served by stoic crews and supported by a Sentinel, Master Gunner and an Engineer, these will wreak havoc in your opponent’s battle lines!
With the release of The Devil’s Playground our first supplement for Pike & Shotte we have taken the opportunity to re-box our plastic infantry and cavalry so they can be used as either Thirty Years War Swedish or Imperialists, or English Civil War Royalist or Parliamentarians as the boxes contain all the relevant standards

Link: Warlord Games

Zinge Industries - New Steampunk Artillery

Zinge Industries now offers the Curious Constructs Steampunk Artillery:

Link: Zinge Industries

Eslo Terrain - New Releases

Eslo Terrain released new terrain sets:

Link: Eslo Terrain

Eagle Figures - New Napoleonic Dutch

Eagle Figures offers new Napoleonic Dutch:

Link: Eagle Figures

Crossover Miniatures - New Releases

Crossover Miniatures added new releases to their range:

Link: Crossover Miniatures

Puppetswar - New Releases

Puppetswar released new sets for their human forces:

Link: Puppetswar