Friday, October 18, 2019

50.000 Posts!

Whoohoo, the post counter just reached 50K! Enjoy this picture of an old Polish Zloty banknote!

(Dude is not impressed by the amount of time having been wasted here)

Funny enough, it took almost exactly 9 years to reach that number - maybe I should have timed it better :p
(But then this is not really post 50K - a few bad apples [and GW] have been kicked off the archive in the past)

It also means you got on average 15.23 posts/day for the past 3282 days, or a post almost every 90 minutes.

Thank you all very much, especially the people who write a comment from time to time - it's great feedback for me that someone is looking at the blog. I have to admit that pageviews are slightly dropping since start of 2018, but I would like to believe that this is a general trend in our hobby. Nevertheless, they are still well above the average and it actually boggles my mind that there are several thousand pageviews each day. (So if everybody would send me just 1$... *jk*).
Also of course as always a big thank to Bell of Lost Souls, without their support I would never have done this for so long. And also to everybody else who has dropped a link to the blog in support, you are breathtaking! 

Now I'll take the day off in celebration, and will be back tomorrow.

Artel W Miniatures - New Releases

Artel W Miniatures offers two new characters:

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Cool Mini or Not - New Preview

Cool Mini or Not presents a new unit for A Song of Ice and Fire:

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North Star Military Figures - New Frostgrave Previews

North Star Military Figure published new Frostgrave previews:

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Link: North Star Military Figures

Privateer Press - New Preview

Privateer Press presents Leadfoot & Tredz for both Riot Quest and Warmachine & Hordes:

Corvus Belli - Infinity Defiance Launch Date

Corvus Belli announced the launch date for their Infinity Defiance Kickstarter:

It’s time to make it official! The launching date for Infinity Defiance will be on Tuesday, October 29th.
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TT Combat - New Terrain Previews

TT Combat presents new 25mm terrain:

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Khurasan Miniatures - New 15mm Previews

Khurasan Miniatures presents new 14th century Swiss:

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Warcradle Studios - New Wild West Exodus Pre-Orders

New sets for Wild West Exodus can be pre-ordered:

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Empress Miniatures - New Early WWII British Army

Empress Miniatures released new early WWII British Army:

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Vanguard Miniatures - New 6mm Cybershadow Releases

Vanguard Miniatures released new 6mm Cybershadows miniatures:

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Micro Art Studio - New Terrain Preview

Micro Art Studio published a new terrain preview:

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Raging Heroes - Halloween Preview

Raging Heroes presents their Halloween miniature:

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Rubicon Models - New King Tiger Preview

Rubicon Models published a new King Tiger preview:

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MaxMini - Halloween Preview

MaxMini presents this year's Halloween release:

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Scibor Miniatures - New Preview

Scibor Miniatures published a new preview picture:

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Brigade Games - New Re-Releases

Brigade Games remastered several miniature sets:

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Butlers' Printed Models - New M60 Tanks

Butlers' Printed Models offers new M60 tank variants in different scales:

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Great Escape Games - New Previews

Great Escape Games presents new miniatures for their upcoming WW2 Hungarian cavalry Kickstarter:

Both NCO's wear the Atilla jacket with one signalling with his sabre and the other pointing with his M35 slung on his back.
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Elladan - New Barbarians

Elladan added new Barbarians to their range:

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Reaper Miniatures - New Releases

Reaper Miniatures offers new releases:

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Puppetswar - New Banners

Puppetswar released new banners:

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May 40 Miniatures - New Previews

May 40 Miniatures published new pictures of their Landsverk armored car:

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Spellcrow - New Preview

Spellcrow published a new preview picture:

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Tomb Guardians - Kickstarter Ending Soon

Tomb Guardians' Kickstarter campaign for 28mm Amazons is ending soon:

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