Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Games Factory - December Releases

Happy Games Factory announced their December relesaes for EDEN:

Link: EDEN

Warlord Games - Judge Dredd 2-for-1 Sale

Warlord Games offers a 2-for-1 special for Judge Dredd box sets:

Link: Warlord Games

Outlaw Miniatures - Get Your Order Free Raffle

Outlaw Miniatures announced a new raffle:

WWX fans, an awesome Raffle Contest is starting today!
Anyone who orders over $175 during the 4 day weekend sale going on now at automatically gets entered into the drawing for a grand prize.
All you have to do to qualify is spend $175 during the sale. You can order multiple times during the sale and we will combine the orders under each customers name to get the total over $175.
This means that if you ordered on day one of the sale and are just short of $175 all you have to do is put in a second order to get you over the total.
Our staff will combine all orders on Tuesday Dec 1st and a winner will be picked and announced on Wednesday Dec 2nd.
The grand prize winner gets the following prizes.
- Your entire order becomes free of charge. That's right, you pay zero for your order regardless of the total amount.
- You get a free faction starter of your choice from the new factions coming out in a few months featuring the Watchers, Confederate Rebellion, Golden Army or Dark Nation
- You get a coupon worth 50% off your next purchase
Link: Announcement on facebook
Link: Wild West Exodus

Multiverse Gaming - New Terrain Release

The Brownstone Row building is now available from Multiverse Gaming:

Link: Multiverse Gaming

Foundry Miniatures - Christmas Sale

Foundry Miniatures announced a new sale:

We are offering a 20% discount on any orders placed on our main website for the rest of 2015.  Enter the code 'Christmas2015' in the Special Offer Code box when you check out and please note that this offer only applies to miniatures, paint, books and brushes.
Link: Foundry Miniatures

Wyrd Miniatures - New Malifaux Preview

Wyrd Miniatures presents the Fermented River Monks for Malifaux:

Link: Wyrd Miniatures

Victrix - New Napoleonic French Artillery Preview

Victrix published new pictures of their soon to be releasedd Napoleonic French Artillery 1812-1815:

The set contains 3 guns based on the XI system with options for 6 pounder or howitzer barrels. The set contains 15 crew with multiple arm options including shoulder straps and fringed epaulettes (These are to represent master gunners).
There are also many head options with uncovered and covered shakos.
VX0018 Napoleonic French Artillery 1812 to 1815 will be on sale later this week.
Link: Victrix

Break! Mindjammer Press - Mindjammer RPG Kickstarter

The Mindjammer RPG Kickstarter has launched:

Mindjammer is an award-winning far future transhuman science-fiction roleplaying game and fiction line. First published in 2009, it's now in its second edition. It's a modern, 21st century take on space opera, with realistic yet hyper-advanced science, technology, worlds, star systems, and alien life based on our current scientific understanding and assumptions. It's dedicated to making science-fiction roleplaying action-packed and fun, while staying true to the heart of great SF: the sense of wonder, the losing yourself in the awesomeness of great ideas.
Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Mindjammer Press

Shark Mounted Lasers - New Releases

Shark Mounted Lasers released new terrain pieces:

Link: Shark Mounted Laser

Fat Dragon Games - Cyber Monday Sale

Fat Dragon Games is having a Cyber Monday sale:

Fat Dragon Games' Cyber Monday sale is ON! Don't miss out on these fantastic savings!
Link: Fat Dragon Games

Break! Cool Mini or Not - Blood Rage Release

The Blood Rage boardgame is now available:

Link: Cool Mini or Not

Warlord Games - IS-3 Preview

Warlord Games announced the Soviet IS-3 tank:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Warlord Games

Najewitz Modellbau - Holiday Sale

Najewitz Modellbau announced a new sale:

Link: Najewitz Modellbau

Dragon Forge - Kickstarter Update

The Goth-Tech expansion Kickstarter unlocked several stretchgoals:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Dragon Forge

Harebrained Schemes LLC - Golem Arcana Holiday Sale

Harebrained Schemes LLC announced a Golem Arcana Holiday sale:

Link: Golem Arcana

Knight Models - New Batman Range

Knight Models announced a new range based on the Batman Animated Series:

Link: Video on youtube
Link: Knight Models

Macrocosm - Resistance Pre-Order

Macrocosm now accepts pre-orders for their Resistance range:

 Link: Macrocosm

Underground Lasers - New Releases

Underground Lasers offers a new Road Block terrain piece and new templates for Warmachine:

Link: Underground Lasers

Demented Games - Twisted Kickstarter Announcment

Demented Games is preparing a new Kickstarter campaign for thei Twisted skirmish game:

Link: Demented Games

Empress Miniatures - New vehicles

Empress Miniatures offers the Hispano Suiza truck and the ZBD05 PLA amphibious 'tank':

Link: Empress Miniatures

Westfalia Fantasy Battles - New Previews

Westfalia Fantasy Battles published new previews:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Westfalia Fantasy Battles

Minairons Miniatures - New 20mm SCW Militia

A new set of 20mm Spanish Civil War Militia is available from Minairons Miniatures:

Link: Minairons Miniatures

Werewoolf Miniatures - New Vampire

A new Vampire is available from Werewoolf Miniatures:

Link: Werewoolf Miniatures