Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maelstrom Games - Two New Bane Legion Miniatures

Maelstrom Games presented two new Bane Legion miniatures:

Link: Maelstrom Games

Masquerade Miniatures - Tube Tool

A very handy tool for making your own model putty tubes is now available from Masquerade Miniatures

There is a tutorial video on their website, too.

Link: Masquerade Miniatures

Old Crow Models - More 6mm Hammer's Slammers

The second batch of 6mm Hammer's Slammers has been released: M12A1 Blower Tank Destroyer, M9A10 Cargo Car, and M53A1 Hog Artillery Vehicle.

Link: Old Crow Models

Dragon Forge - Engine Preview

Dragon Forge released a new CAD-picture of the unassembled engine:

Link: Dragon Forge

Micro Art Studios - SciFi Diorama Release

Micro Art Studios added the SciFi Diorama to their store:

Link: Micro Art Studios

Khurasan Miniatures - 15mm Vornid Wars

Khurasan Miniatures added new miniatures to their 15mm SciFi range:

The Molch

Vornid Pirates

Ursid Warriors

Micro Art Studios - New Ancient Bases

Micro Art Studio offers new bases for the Ancient range:

Link: Micro Art Studio

Tabletop Game Terrain - Ruined City Terrain

Tabletop Game Terrain released several sets of ruined city terrain:

Link: Tabletop Game Terrain

Games Workshop - Switch to Resin?

Rumours say that Games Workshop stopped the production of metal miniatures for unknown reasons and for an unknown timeframe. The original rumor seems to come from a well-known german retailer.

One possible explanation is a shift from metal to resin.

Link: Frothers United & Games Workshop

Reaper Miniatures - ReaperCon Announcement

Reaper Miniatures announced to ship the goodie bags to people who cannot attend ReaperCon

From their announcement:

What's in the goodie bag, you ask? In the past we've stuck in the ReaperCon Sophie, a special annual Con figure (rumor this year is that it's going to be a cowboy Mousling), a Master Series Paint or two, and your t-shirt if you order it.

Link: Reaper MiniatuReaper Miniaturesres

Aetztech - Store Opens April 1st

Hopefully no april joke, Aetztech announced to start selling their edged brass from april 1st

Link: PK-Pro

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the lamb Games - Interview with Tabletop Fix

Hello everyone, just to point you in the right direction:

There is an interview I did with Emily from On the lamb Games on Bell of lost souls

Spartan Games - Dystopian War Building Picture & The Future

Spartan GAmes published a new preview of the terrain set for Dystopian War:

Additionally, the company made a statement about future factions for the game:
The first thing that came to my mind was how much I'd love to see the rest of the French fleet. After seeing their flying battleship, I was almost ready to sit on my haunches and not buy an existing fleet until the French came out.[...] 
Second, I will be really keen to see what Spartan comes up with for the Russian Empire. My suggestions on aesthetics include: Making their land units resemble the Tsar Tank. [...]
As for naval power; perhaps something between a sail powered ship of the line, and an ironclad might be cool. But no fleet would be complete without air-power, so perhaps it would not be out of line to suggest the first helicopter fleet! The Sikorsky doom chopper might sit at it's heart. 
Other nations I can imagine emerging include: Ottoman Empire, China, and the Italian States, which are all noted in the rule book. Also I could see mercenary faction such as Chile, Brazil, Australia, some form of African state (sea Zulus! Watch the redcoats flee), and perhaps even Italy might be a mercenary faction, instead of a full blooded superpower. 
PS: on the moon........funny alien dudes.......

Link: Spartan Games

Quantum Gothic - April Releases

New terrain has been announced by Quantum Gothic:

Link: Quantum Gothic

Catalyst Game Labs - First Leviathan Test Model

A picture of a first test model of the HML Leviathan has been published:

Link: Leviathan - Monsters in the Sky

Troll Forged Miniatures - New Elf Releases

New Elf miniatures are now available from Troll Forged Miniature:

Splintered Light Miniatures - March Releases

Splintered Light Miniatures announced their next wave of 15mm Fantasy miniatures including new Cave Imps:

CAIM01 Cave Imp Command (12) 
CAIM02 Cave Imp Clubs (12) 
CAIM03 Cave Imp Spears (12) 
CAIM04 Cave Imp Slings (12) 
CAIM05 Cave Imp Long Spears (12) 
CAIM06 Cave Imp Lizards (12) 
CAIM07 Yetis (4) 
CAIM08 Yeti Catapult (1) 

WOEL01 Wood Elf Personalities (8) 
WOEL02 Wood Elf Infantry Command (12) 
WOEL04 Wood Elf Spears (12) 
WOEL05 Wood Elf Archers (12) 

DAEL08 Dark Elf Personalities (4) 

WOOD03 Armored Fauns (12) 
WOOD04 Fauns (12) 
WOOD05 Wood Trolls (6) 

DWARF01 Dwarf Personalities (8)
DWARF02 Dwarf Bondi Command (12)
DWARF03 Dwarf Huscarl Command (12)
DWARF04 Dwarf Bondi (12)
DWARF05 Dwarf Huscarls (12)
DWARF06 Dwarf Crossbows (12)

Link: Splintered Light Miniatures

Redstar Miniatures - Russian Vehicle Crews

Redstar Games announced two new sets of russian vehicle crews (dismounted and mounted) to be release in May or June.

Link: Red Star Miniatures

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tor Gaming - Zombie Preview

Tor Gaming published pictures of a new Zombie miniature:

Link: Tor Gaming

Musketeer Miniatures - Swedish Artillery Crew Preview

The new swedish artillery crew from Musketeer Miniatures is almost done:

Link: Musketeer Miniatures

Victory Force - Zombie Deal

Victory Force offers 50 Zombies for 50 $:

Link: Victory Forces - Three New USE ME Rule Sets offers three new version of their USE ME rules: Modern Warfare, ACW and Spaceship Battles


DarkSword Miniatures - New Miniature Previews

DarkSword Miniatures published previews of 10 upcoming releases:

George R.R. Martin Masterworks


Link: DarkSword Miniatures

Kromlech - Large (Orc) Backpacks

Kromlech released a new set of large backpack for their Orc War II range:

Link: Kromlech

Consortium Universe - New Kong Bust

A new bust is available from Consortium Universe:

Link: Consortium Universe

Critical Mass Games - Release Schedule

Critical Mass Games updated their release schedule:

WAVE 20 - 25th July 2011

Praesentia RAL Infantry w/rifles 1 - 8 figures, 3 poses 
Praesentia RAL Infantry w/rifles 2 - 8 figures, 3 poses
Praesentia RAL Infantry 3 w/heavy weapons - 8 figures, 2 poses 
Praesentia RAL Phase Shifters 1 - 6 figures, 3 poses 
Praesentia RAL Phase Shifters 2 - 6 figures, 3 poses

WAVE 19 - 27th June 2011

ARC Fleet Recon Scout Grav Bike Set 
ARC Fleet Recon Assault Grav Bike
ARC Fleet Recon Scout Grav Bike Platoon 
Vorq La Mercenaries - 5 unique figures

WAVE 18 - 23rd May 2011

Praesentia Ancients - 3 Unique figures 
Praesentia RAL Sentinel Drone w/tri phase blaster - 1 vehicle
Praesentia RAL Sentinel Drone platoon w/tri phase blaster - 3 vehicle 
Praesentia RAL Sentinel w/phase cannon - 1 vehicle 
Praesentia RAL Sentinel Drone platoon w/phase cannon - 3 vehicle
Praesentia RAL Sentinel w/phase lance - 1 vehicle
Praesentia RAL Sentinel Drone platoon w/phase lance - 3 vehicle
Praesentia RAL Guardian Drone - 1 vehicle, 2 weapon variants
Praesentia RAL Guardian Drone platoon - 3 vehicles, 2 weapon variants each
Praesentia RAL Hyperion Heavy Assault Drone - 1 vehicle, 2 weapon variants 
Praesentia RAL Hyperion Heavy Assault Drone platoon - 3 vehicles, 2 weapon variants each 
Protolene Ayame Scout Battle Suit with Command Array - 1 vehicle 
Protolene Ayame Hunter Battle Suit with Command Array - 1 vehicle 
Protolene Ayame Predator Battle Suit with Command Array - 1 vehicle 
Protolene Ayame Mortar Assault Suit - 1 vehicle 
Protolene Ayame Mortar Assault Suit Platoon - 3 vehicles
Protolene Ayame Scout Assault Suit - 1 vehicle 
Protolene Ayame Scout Assault Suit Platoon - 3 vehicles
Protolene Ayame Hunter Assault Suit - 1 vehicle 
Protolene Ayame Hunter Assault Suit Platoon - 3 vehicles 
rotolene Ayame Predator Assault Suit - 1 vehicle 
Protolene Ayame Predator Assault Suit Platoon - 3 vehicles 
Kaamados Building set 1 

Scibor Miniatures- New Elven Temple Ruins Bases

Scibor Miniatures released new sets for the Elven Temple Ruins range:

Link: Scibor Miniatures

Forgeworld - Con Exclusives

Forgeworld announced their new "Event only" miniatures:

Warhammer 40K MkII Boarding Marine

Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith

Link: Forgeworld

Willy Miniatures - Eldrid "Hypnotic Eyes" WIP

Willy Miniatures published a first picture of their next release:

Link: Willy Miniatures

Alternative Armies - Salute 2011 Releases

Alternative Armies announced their new releases for the Salute 2011 show:

Undead Engineer Set

The Hob-Goblins of Taffsea mounted Colonel & Taffsea Choir

Ferach Werewolf Artillery Crew

The Rabbitmen of Burrovia Artillery Crew & Army Set

Bog Orc Ciele O'Greene

Limited Edition Princess Juliana Set