Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Break! Osprey Publishing - Zombies-A Hunter's Guide on pre-order

Osprey Publishing, known for their excellent military books, has now their Zombies - A Hunter Guide ready for pre-order.

Release date will be October 19th.

Link: Osprey Publishing

Privateer Press - Hordes September Releases

All to be released on september 8th:

Captain Gunnbjorn


Spell Martyrs



Druid Wilder

Link: Privateer Press

Secret Weapon Miniatures - Pith Helmet Heads 10% off on pre-order

Secret Weapons Miniatures offers their Pith Helmet Head Swap-set at 10% as long as they are on pre-order.

Link: Secret Weapons Miniatures Special Offer 

Privateer Press - Forces of Hordes-Trollblood announced

A new Forces-Book for Hordes will be released on September 22nd

Link: Privateer Press

ZombieSmith - New 15mm Vehicle & Miniatures

ZombieSmith released a new tank and infantry for their 15mm Quar-range:

Baeliog Armoured Gun Tractor

Infantry Officers:

Pack Animals

LMG & Mortar Teams

Also available as a new army set.

Link: ZombieSmith

Privateer Press - New Battlegroups announced

New Battleforces for Warmachine will be available september 22nd

Link: Privateer Press

Kabuki Models - Shoulder Pads

Kabuki Models offers a new range of shoulder pads for 28mm/32mm miniatures:

Lion Pads

Templar Pads

Skeleton Pads

Available as a mixed set, too.

Chapterhouse Studios - Magnetic Combi-Weapon Kit

Pictures speak louder than words:

Mantic Games - 3 new army deals available

Mantic Games offers now new army deals for their Undead, Dwarves and Elves.

Mor informations: Mantic Games

Spartan Games - New Firestorm Armada Ships

3 new designs for Firestorm Armada:

Link: Spartan Games

Dream Pod 9 - New Heavy Gear Blitz! Starter Set

New Starter Set with Lock&Loaded ruleset, 10 Minis, Data-cards and measuring tape:

Link: Dream Pod 9

Mongoose Publishing - OOP Sale

Items on sale include;

SST Grizzly and Cougar Exosuits
Battlefield Evolution box sets
RuneQuest 1st edition
D&D 4th edition supplements
Babylon 5 RPG
2000AD graphic novels

Link: Mongoose Publishing OOP Sale

Privateer Press - New Discordia Warjack

New Warjack for the Retribution:

Link: Privateer Press

Tor Gaming - Vaetir Varrier pre-order

Expected to be ready for shipping 3rd week of september

Link: Tor Gaming

Monday, August 30, 2010

Secret Weapon Miniatures - Pith Helmet Heads announced

Ready for pre-order, the new head-swap kit from Secreat Weapon Miniatures

Link: Secret Weapon Miniatures

Pulp City - Lady Cyburn released

New member for Team Heavy Metal:

Link:  Pulp City

Reaper - New Heavy Metal & Limited Edition Miniatures

More new miniatures from Reaper:

Dire Crocodile


Frumitty, Lemur Cleric

Link: Reaper Miniatures

Reaper - New Chronsocope Miniatures

4 new miniatures for the Chronoscope range:

Lady Tiger, Super Villain

Garvin Markus, Nova Corp Hero

Stillwater, Zombie Hunter

Sugar Anime Heroine

Reaper - New Dark Heaven Miniatures

3 new miniatures for the Dark Heaven range:

Bregol Jagstone, Dwarf Ranger

Men At Arms (3)

Ardellen, Ranger

Link: Reaper Miniatures

Reaper - New Pathfinder Miniatures

3 new miniatures for the Pathfinder range

Queen Ileosa of Korvosa

 Skinsaw Man

Hookmaw Kreeg

Link: Reaper Miniatures

Pulp Figures - Shewolves

News from the workbench of Pulp Figures:

Link: Pulp Figures

privateer Press - New Blackhide Wrastler

New miniature for Hordes:

Link: Privateer Press

Dark Age Games - Apocalypse Preview

Dark Age Games gives a preview of their new rule set:


Games Workshop - High Elves Bataillon Update

New content for the High Elves Bataillon:

© Games Workshop. All rights reserved. Used without permission

Link: Games Workshop

PK Pro - New Bases

New Multi-bases from PK-Pro

Link: PK-Pro

Gaspez-Arts - Dwarven Pirates released

Italian manufacturer Gaspez-Arts released a range of Dwarven pirates

Link: Gaspez-Arts