Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Break! Mongoose Publishing & On the lamb Games - Brushfire RPG

Mongoose Publishing and On the lamb Games announced a new RPG set in the Historia Rodentia world:

From the announcement:
On The Lamb Games & Mongoose Publishing are teaming up to bring you a roleplaying game set in the Brushfire world. Historia Rodentia will be the first Brushfire supplement for their upcoming 'Legends' Roleplaying system based on the much loved RuneQuest II system, and will cover the areas and peoples of Aquitar, Civitas, Scyzantine, and The Vandalands. Future supplements will cover additional areas.
Historia Rodentia Roleplaying is expected to be released May 2012, price is TBD.
Link: On the lamb Games & Mongoose Publishing

Bastion Games - Ex Illis Demons Release and Dwarf Preview

Bastion Games released a new Demon Horde for Ex Illis and published an artwork of a Dwarf Warrior:

Link: Ex Illis

On the lamb Games - Brushfire Aquicois Bazaine Preview

On the lamb Games published a new preview of Aquicois Bazaine:

Link: On the lamb Games

Micro Art Studio - Infinity Barracks Release

The hardfoam barracks for Infinity are now available from Micro Art Studio:

Link: Micro Art Studio

HiTech Miniatures - Alpha Corporis FIVE

HiTech Miniatures released the fifth Bio-Tech Covenant Gearcult Egzekuthor Squad Member:

Bushido - Undead Oni Artwork

Bushido released an artwork showing an Undead Oni:

Link: Bushido

Wargames Factory - Assembled Heavy Weapon Shock Trooper and SPrues

Wargames Factory published several pictures of assembled Heavy Weapon Shock Troopers and the corresponding sprues:

Link: Wargames Factory

Litko Game Accessories - Cthulhu Token

Litko Game Accessories reelased new stes of  Cthulhu-themed token:

Link: Litko Game Accessories

Paymaster Games - Scale Picture

Paymaster Games published a scale shot of their miniatures in comparison to other manufacturers:

From their announcement:
Their has been alot of questions about the scale of Paymaster's models. Here is a photo that helps address that question. All of the models are on the same size base. The models in the photo is a Foundry Aztec, Paymaster NW Warrior, Warlord Plastic Roman, Games Workshop Masterclass Model, Paymaster Marcus Crassus, and a Perry Brothers Korean. I hope this helps you lads.

Link: Paymaster Games

Micro Art Studio - New Mosaic Bases

Micro Art Studio now offers a new range of Mosaic Bases:

Link: Micro Art Studio

2W6+6 - Give-Away

Our friends from the german hobby portal 2W6+6 gives away a box of Avatar of War's Dwarf Berserkers to one of their newsletter subscribers.

The newsletter is only available in german, and the prize will be only shipped within germany.

Link: 2W6+6

Wreck Age - ARHK Trooper Artwork

Wreck Age published an artwork showing a soldier from the  Autonomous Region of Hong Kong (ARHK) together with more informations about this factioN:

Link: Wreck Age

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Break! Black Library - Aurelius Limited Edition Details

Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s limited edition Horus Heresy novel will be released on September 12th:

From the announcement:
A5 (148mm × 210mm) 128page hardback, numbered, with marker ribbon, custom artwork and hand signed by the author 

Micropanzer Wargames Studio - New 15mm Amakudari Stomper Walker and Aliens Preview

Micropanzer Wargames Studio revealed the first pictures of the complete Amakudari Stomper Walker:


Additionally, they published a preview of new Alien packs soon to be released:

Link: Micropanzer Wargames Studio

Hasslefree Miniatures - New Greens

Hasslefree Miniatures published pictures of new work in progress miniatures:

Link: Hasslefree Miniatures

Ramshackle Games - Re-Releases

Ramshackle Games re-released some miniatures as resin casts:

Link: Ramshackle Games

Rebel Minis - New 15mm SciFi Releases

Rebel Minis released three new sets of 15mm SciFi miniatures:

Titan Marines Command Pack

EF Droptroopers Command Pack

Earth Force Command Team

Link: Rebel Minis

Tercio Creativo - House of El Purgatorio

Tercio Creativo published a picture of the parts of the House of El Purgatorio:

Link: Tercio Creativo

Knuckleduster Miniatures - 20% off Sale

Knuckleduster Miniatures offers a 20% off sale for orders over 100$.

Link: Knuckleduster Miniatures

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chapterhouse Studio - Warrior Priestress and Storm Raven Extension Kit

Chapterhouse Studio released a new Warrior Priestress:

Additionally, the truescale Storm Raven Extension Kit will be released on September 3rd:

Link: Chapterhouse Studio

Reaper Miniatures - New Pathfinder Releases

Reaper Miniatures released two new Pathfinder miniatures:

 King Castruccio Irovetti

Baba Yaga

Break! Black Library - Aurelius Limited Edition Horus Heresy Novel

Black Library announced Aurelian, Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s limited edition Horus Heresy novella, to be released in September.

Link: Black Library

Reaper Miniatures - New Savage World Releases

Two new Savage World miniatures are now available from reaper Miniatures:

U.S. Agent

Mad Scientist (Female)

Link: Reaper Miniatures