Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The "Suddenly 300 Followers"-Give-Away again

Just to avoid anybody can claim they hadn't known about it: Spartan Games sponsors our new give-away, and will give a Dystopian Wars rulebook and a shiny new Covenant of Antarctica fleet to one of our followers!

Check it out here!

Break! On the lamb Games - Historia Rodentia RPG Cover

On the lamb Games sent us the cover artwork for the upcoming Brushfire Historia Rodentia RPG :

Spellcrow - New Releases

Spellcrow released several new miniatures:


Link: Spellcrow

Darwin Games - Ignis and Nimbus Tribes

Darwin Games released two new Tribes:


Link: Darwin Games

Indus Miniatures - Silahposh Bodyguard Preview

Indus Miniatures published pictures of Silahposh Bodyguards:

Link: Indus Miniatures

Dixon Miniatures - New WWII Previews

Dixon Miniatures published several previews of new WWII era sets:

Austin light utility truck

British Commandos


Link: Dixon Miniatures

Gaspez-Arts - New Fantasy Football Releases

Gaspez-Arts released new Fantasy Football miniatures, including a Goblin Circus Team:


Link: Gaspez-Arts

Askari Miniatures - Russian Summer Uniform 1877

Askari Miniatures released Russians in the summer uniform worn in the field in 1877 during the Russian-Turko War:

Link: Askari Miniatures

Aberrant Games - Stranger and Dog

A new set is available from Aberrant Games, the Stranger and his dog Max:

Spartan Games - More Uncharted Seas Previews

Spartan Games revealed two new ships for Uncharted Seas:

Imperial Human "Elemental" Ship


Dragon Lords Invoker Class Cruiser:


Link: Spartan Games

Privateer Press - New releases

Privateer Press released several new sets for Warmachine and Hordes:


Link: Privateer Press

Forgeworld - New Space Marine Land Raider Armoured Proteus

Forgeworld released a new Space Marine Land Raider Armoured Proteus:

Link: Forgeworld

Kabuki Models - Smith Knight Release and Artworks

Kabuki Models released a new Knight of Legends, the Smith Knight:

Additionally they revealed a preview of the Monghol Knight:

And they published several artworks of upcoming releases:

Steel Knight
 Dark Knight

Link: Kabuki Models

Steel Crown Productions - New 28mm Releases

Steel Crown Procutions now offers a new 28mm Royal Empire Marcovian Conscript Squad:

Aditionally they released a Royal Empire Marcovian Captain and Snipers:


Link: Steel Crown Productions

Ainsty Casting - New Walls

Ainsty Casting released a new Tire Walls and Cemetery Walls:


Link: Ainsty Casting

Recreational Conflict - New Releases

Recreational Conflict released several new miniatures:


We've added four new civilian and four new adventurer models to our 28mm modern horror line.Also new is our experimental foray into 15mm with small versions of our popular Hardsuits. And don't forget we have a number of sales going on: Our stock of Lledo cars, trucks, and horse carts have been marked down  until the end of December. These models are approximately 1/56 and are suitable for pulp era and Call of Cthulhu games.

Link: Recreational Conflict 

GameCraft Miniatures - 28mm Wild West Church

GameCraft Miniatures released the 28mm Wild West Church:

Link: GameCraft Miniatures

Puppetswar - Rolling Slaughter Release

The Rolling Slaughter vehicle accessory is now available from Puppetswar:


Link: Puppetswar