Sunday, July 31, 2011

On the lamb Games - New Warband Cover Art

On the lamb Games revealed the cover artwork for the Zabar and Axony Warbands:

Link: On the lamb Games

Studio McVey - Sedition Wars Strain Phase 1 & 2 Previews

Studio McVey revealed the miniatures for the Strain Phase 1 Necroforms and the Phase 2 Protoforms:

Link: Studio McVey

Lead Adventure - Bruegelburg Second Wave

Lead Adventure released the second wave of Bruegelburg miniatures:

From their announcement:
Long awaited Metal Militia and more civilians for Bruegelburg, again some cool stuff by Igor Karpov. As usual with some deals on the new stuff. 
BRU-11 Metal Militia of Bruegelburg 1 - Commando (2) 
BRU-12 Metal Militia of Bruegelburg 2 - Kitchen Guard (2) 
BRU-13 Metal Militia of Bruegelburg 3 - Scholars (2) 
BRU-14 - Metal Militia of Bruegelburg 4 - Desperate Housewifes (2) 
BRU-15 - Jesters (2) 
BRU-16 - Durer Peasants (2) 
BRU-17 - Pigs (3) 
BRU-18 - Plague doctor and old hag (2) 
BRU-19 - Rat catcher and angry woman (2) 
and our Bruegelburg deals: 
Metal Militia Deal (10) 
Bruegelburg Offer - 1st Wave (19) 
Bruegelburg Offer - 2nd Wave (19)

Hydra Miniatures - War Rocket Space Pirates Preview

Hydra Miniatures published a preview of their new Space Pirates for War Rocket:

Ironwind Metals - Release Schedule Update

Ironwind Metals published an updated release schedule.

2011 BattleTech Release Dates for Distribution
Please view the Coming Soon Folder under the Battletech Category in the Web Store for online Release Dates.
2nd Quarter
On or about week of June 13th, 2011...
BattleTech – TRO 3055, 3058, & 3085 & Dark Age
20-5015 Marsden II Main Battle Tank (2) 
20-5016 Apollo Mech Re-Issue (3055 – 55 ton) 
20-5017 Penthesilea Mech (TRO 3085 – 75 ton) 
20-5018 Karhu KHU-R1 
3rd Quarter
On or about week of August 1st, 2011...
10-050 The Bounty Hunter Set (2 mechs & 28mm scale power armor bounty hunter fig) 
Includes B. H. Mad Cat S Mech, B. H. Marauder II Mech, and B. H. Night Hawk Power Armor.
10-051 Bounty Hunter “Companion” Mechs (4 mechs) 
Includes Phoenix Hawk -5L, Cauldron Born A, Javelin-11D, and SHD-1Primitive Shadow Hawk
20-5019 Kestrel Vtol
On or about week of September 5th, 2011...
20-5020 Kyudo KY2-D-02 Mech (TRO3075 – 45 ton) 
20-5021 Deimos Mech Resculpt (mektek) 
20-5022 Blade Mech Bld-xl Variant (pdf Tro 3085 Support) 
20-5023 Hyena Salvage Mech Hyn-4a (tro 3075) 
20-5024 Prefect Mech PRF-1R (TRO 3085 – 75 ton) 
4th Quarter
On or about week of October 17th, 2011...
20-5025 Mad Cat Iv (savage Wolf) 
20-5026 Mongoose II Mon-266 Mech (tro 3075) 
20-5027 Merkava Mk VIII Heavy Tank [1] (TRO3075 – 75 ton) 
20-5028 Osprey Mech – OSP-26 (TRO 3085 – 55 ton)
On or about week of December 5th, 2011....
20-5029 DI Morgan Assault Tank [1] (TRO 3075 – 100 ton)
20-5030 Onager Mech (TRO3085 – 90 ton)
20-5031 Shadowcat II (TRO3085 – 60 ton) 
20-5032 Thunderbolt Mech TDR-10M (TRO 3085 – 65 ton)

Link: Ironwind Metals

Impact! Miniatures - A Band of Orcs Release

The A Band of Orcs miniatures are now available from Impact! Miniatures:

Link: Impact! Miniatures

Dark Art Miniatures - Round Shoulder Lava Bases

Dark Art Miniature released a new range of round shoulder lava bases:

Link: Dark Art Miniatures

Soda Pop Miniatures - Super Dungeon Explore Box Contents

Soda Pop Miniatures published a picture of all miniatures from the Super Dungeon Explore game:

Link: Soda Pop Miniatures

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wyrd Miniatures - Many More Malifaux Previews

Wyrd Miniature published heaps of new Malifuax previews:

Lady Justice alternative artwork

Colette artwork

29 Artwork




Link: Wyrd Miniatures

Raging Heroes - Siamese Dragon Preview

Raging Heroes published a preview of their siamese Dragon:

Link: Raging Heroes

Micro Art Studio - New Bases

Micro Art Studio released several new sets of bases:

Taban Miniatures - Ngozi Short Winded Artwork

Taban Miniatures published a preview of the Ngozi Short Winded:

Link: Taban Miniatures

Dragon Forge - 14 New Base Sets

14 new base sets are now available from Dragon Forge:

RBIW-005 Ice World Hero Base Set
RBIW-009 60mm Base Ice World (with tech) Set Three (3)
RBIW-010 60mm Base Ice Worls (with tech) Set Four (4)

BOP-008 30mm Omega Prime beveled edge base set one (1)
RBOP-012 25mm x 70mm Bike bases Omega Prime Set one (1)
RBOP-019 120mm x 95mm Oval Base Omega Prime set one (1)

RBUR-036 60mm x 100mm Attack Base Factory Ruins Urban Rubble
RBUR-037 60mm x 100mm Attack Base Asphalt Streets Urban Rubble
RBUR-042 120mm x95mm Factory Ruins Urban rubble

RBTD-015 120mm x 95mm Oval base Tech-Deck

Blank Round Lip-60 60mm Round Lip base Blank
Blank Round Lip-80 80mm Round Lip base Blank
Blank Round Lip-100 100mm Round Lip base Blank
Blank Round Lip-120 120mm Round Lip base Blank

Link: Dragon Forge

Southpaw Art and Design - New Trinket Line

Southpaw Art and Design announced a new trinket line:

From their announcement:
We are pleased to announce the first wave our Trinkets line. These are small laser cut tokens, perfect for a variety of games. Most of these tokens are under an inch long. Great for tracking energy, status effects, spells or locations in any game.
Wave One Includes:
• Blood Drop (Transparent Red)
• Heart (Transparent Red)
• Lighting Bolt (Day-Glo Green)
• Corrosion Sign (Day-Glo Green)
• Bio-hazard Sign (Day-Glo Green)

Link: Southpaw Art and Design

Anvil Industry - Steam Praetorian Preview

Anvil Industries published a preview of their Steam Praetorian:

Link: Anvil Industry on Facebook

Agora Minaitures - Babydoll

Agora Miniatures announced their third miniature, Babydoll:

Link: Thomas David's Blog

Gamecraft Miniatures - New Middle East Buildungs

Gamecraft Miniatures announced new middle east buildings in 28mm, 20mm and 15mm:

Link: Gamecraft Miniatures

Ramshackle Games - Seperate Capybara Turret

The turret of the new Capybara Assault Tank from Ramshackle Games is now available seperately:

Link: Ramshackle Games

Puppetswar - Twin-linked Autocannon Arms

Puppetswar announced a new set of twin-linked Autocannons arms fitting to Games workshops Dreadnought model:

Link: Puppetswar

Hydra Miniatures - Retro Raygun Previews

Hydra Miniatures published previews of  the Robot Legion Centurions and Slishian Spawnlings for Retro Raygun:

Link: Hydra Miniatures

Friday, July 29, 2011

Games Workshop - Vampire Counts Advanced Orders

Games Workshop added several new kits for the Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts to their range:

Link: Games Workshop