Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ramshackle Games - New Giggles Clan Miniatures

Ramshackle Games added three new miniatures to their Giggles Clan range:




Link: Ramshackle Games

Impact! Miniatures - New Black Rock Dwarf Brick

Impact! Miniatures released a new Black Rock Dwarf:

Link: Impact! Miniatures

Break! Fantasy Flight Games - New Black Crusade Infos

Fantasy Flight Games published another article about the soon to be released RPG Black Crusade, including the new concepts of Corruption, Infamy and the possibility to evolve your character into a Demon Prince - or becoming a drooling Spawn!

Link: Fantasy Flight Games

Olley's Armies - New Releases

Olley's Armies released several new sets, including new Psychic Scrunts, Iron Guard and the Dog Cart:

Link: Olley's Armies

West Wind Productions - Arthurian Range Sale

West Wind Production offers 25% off for their Arthurian range:

From their announcement:

It’s Bank Holiday again and so begins our three day Sale on West Wind’s ever popular 28mm Arthurian range. 
Unit midnight Monday 2nd May we are giving 25% OFF all products from this range. 
All you need to do is enter Discount Code: ARTHUR25 into the blue box at checkout when ordering and you will receive 25% off any product from this range for a limited time only. 
Get it while it’s hot!

Link: West Wind Productions

Mantic Games - New Website

Mantic Games re-worked their website and added background informations and artwork, starting with the Abyssal Dwarves

Link: Mantic Games

Little note: Did you see that the URL is /Fantasy/Abyssal-Dwarfs.html ? Hint for a "non-fantasy"-range coming soon?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Warlord Games - Bolt Action Morris Quad and 25 pdr Howitzer

Warlord Games released the new Morris C8 Quad tractor and the british 25 pdr Howitzer:

Link: Warlord Games

Eureka Miniatures - 28mm Italian Wars Gendarme "Archers"

Eureka Miniatures announced a new sets of 15th century Italian Wars Gendarmes

Link: Eureka Miniatures

Red Box Games - New Pre-Orders

Red Box Games announced new releases:

Lord Sylvain

Lord Cuthbert of Ellesley

Katherine of Chalsex

Greta the Pious

Dwyrin o'the Dokkwold

Fritjof the Fierce

Black Armand

Big Bernard

And these awesome Trolls, Hogsquasher and Rocklobber:

Link: Red Box Games

Micro Art Studio - SciFi Walkway Preview

Micro Art Studio published pictures of a new terrain piece they will release soon:

Link: Micro Art Studio

Chapterhouse Studio - Doomseer Release

Chapterhouse Studio released their new Doomseer:

Link: Chapterhouse Studio

Mantic Games - Greatax Orc Sprue

Mantic GAmes published a picture of the new Greatax sprue for their Orc range:

Link: Mantic Games

Warlord Games - Napoleonic Russian Infantry Preview

Warlord Games announced new napoleonic russian infantry:

Link: Warlord Games

Antimatter Games - Separate ShadowSea Temple Statue

The Temple Statue from the Temple of the Ancients is now available separately from Antimatter Games :

Link: ShadowSea

Fiendish Fabrications - Lenore Update

Fiendish Fabrications released a new version of Lenore:

Link: Fiendish Fabrications

Grindhouse Games - Incursion Bazooka APE Preview

Grindhouse Games published a new picture of the Incursion Bazooka APE:

Link: Grindhouse Games

Crooked Dice - The Guru Release

The Guru is now available from Crooked Dice:

Link: Crooked Dice

Impact! Miniatures - Oog Skullbasher Artwork

Impact! Miniatures and A Band of Orcs released an artwork for teh first release of their new line, Oog Skullbasher and his drum set:

Link: Impact! Miniatures

ZombieSmith - 15mm Ute'wehi Preview

ZombieSmith showed a preview of their next release, the Uwe'wehi for the Storm of Steel range:

Link: ZombieSmith

Warlord Games - Russian Komsolets Armoured Tractor Re-Release

Warlord Games announced another re-release for the Bolt Action range, the russian Komsolets armoured tractor:

Link: Warlord Games

Micro Art Studio - New Mystic Bases

Micro Art Studios now offers 50mm round bases for tehir Mystic range:

Link: Micro Art Studios

Gripping Beast - New Victorian Poachers

Gripping beast added a new set of victorian poachers to their webstore:

Link: Gripping Beast

Warlord Games - Italian Autoblinda Lince Re-Release

Warlord Games re-released the Bolt Action italian scout car Autoblinda Lince

Link: Warlord Games

Privateer Press - Mercenaries Decals on BolS

Bell of lost souls offers in cooperation with Privateer Press a new decal sheet for the Mercenaries faction of Warmachine:

Link: Privateer Press & Bell of lost Souls

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Privateer Press - New Hordes Minion

Privateer Press announced a new Minion for Hordes, Targ

Link: Privateer Press

Break! Heroes of Armageddon Week 2 Give-Away

The second weekly drawing for the HoA charity will take place soon!

From the announcement:
This week we will be holding our second weekly drawing as a way of saying thanks to all of you for your support..

Winners will be selected from the folks who have donated to the Heroes of Armageddon Project, these weekly prizes are bonus prizes and winning one will not take you out of the running for the Grand Prize Drawing at the projects end.
This Sunday we are drawing 2 winners, each will receive a $25 voucher to be spent at Secret Weapon Miniatures.

With Secret Weapon's low prices these will go a long way towards resin bases, weathering powders, washes, and conversion bits.
Justin was a big supporter in last years Storm Wardens Project, donating all the bases for the army and additional prizes and we are happy to have him back on board this year with even more rolling in to the Heroes of Armageddon Project.
Make sure to get your contributions in to be included in the drawing Sunday, and you might be the winner of one of these vouchers, and even if we don't draw your name, be sure to check out Secret Weapon Miniatures ever expanding line of hobby goodies, let them know you appreciate them supporting us and tell Justin we sent you, so he knows his generosity was not wasted.

Links: Heroes of Armageddon / Santa Cruz Warhammer / Secret Weapon Miniatures

MaxMini - Scrap Tank and Small Junker Preview

MaxMini showed a new picture of the Scrap Tank and revealed another vehicle, teh Small Junker:

Link: MaxMini

Tor Gaming - Relic Alpha Rules Release

The Alpha Rules for Relics can now be downloaded from the Tor Gaming website:

From their announcement:
The alpha release of the Relics tabletop wargame rules is upon us!!!
What better way to celebrate with the final part of our story? Click Here to read it now!
Once you have finished ready the story, download the rules and start testing!
Whilst you are there, why not sign up to our forum? It is the easiest way to stay up to date with the latest news and info about Tor Gaming and Relics.

Mantic Games - Orc Army Set and Shaman Preview

Mantic Games now accepts pre-orders for the Orc army sets Garlak’s Barbarous Horde with 104 miniatures including several sets not yet available to pre-order including Morax and a limited edition Orc Shaman:

Link: Mantic Games

Break! Legends of Kalidasia - Silex Road Release

The Silex Road book is now available:

From their announcement:
Legends of Kalidasia: Silex Road is done and now available on the Amazon Kindle Store. You can purchase the e-book for $0.99 through the store on the actual Kindle device or through any of the Kindle Apps on other mobile platforms. I’m planning to launch on other e-book stores very soon.
Silex Road tells the story of Abbi-Sian as she leads a platoon of Heragul soldiers into ground combat against Surakari forces and in the process discovers there is more to this desolate waste land of a planet then she ever imagined.

Critical Mass Games - New Releases

Critical Mass Games released the re-mastered Arc Fleet Building Set 2 and the Ayame Khans for the Protolene:

Link: Critical Mass Games

Willy Miniatures - Ghoul Concept Art

Willy Miniatures released concept art for a new set of Ghouls:

Link: Willy Miniatures

Masquerade Miniatures - Runecast Skull Set

Masquerade Miniatures announced a new Runecast range and released a set of human skulls:

Link: Masquerade Miniatures