Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wyrd Miniatures - Twisted Fate Announcement

Wyrd Miniatures announced Twisted Fate for mAlifaux:

From their announcement:
Twisting Fates, the next installment of Malifaux, is coming. This book continues the story of life in Malifaux and introduces a new game character option, Avatars. You can find Twisting Fates as a pre-release at Gen Con and generally available at your local gaming store in September. 

Link: Wyrd Miniatures

Avatars of War - Wood Elf Heroine

A new Wood Elf character is available from Avatars of War:

Link: Avatars of War

Black Orc Games - Dwarf Skeleton and Large Brick Base

Black Orc Games offers a Dwarf skeleton and a new 20mm square base:

Link: Black Orc Games

Cipher Studios - Anima Tactics Releases

Two new Anima Tactics miniatures are now available from Cipher Studios:

Lilith, Archmage

Female Empire Agent

Link: Cipher Studios

Southpaw Art and Design - Flatland Terrain

Southpaw Art and Design released the first kit of a new terrain series called Flatland:

Antenocitits Workshop - 15mm Vehicles

Antenocitis Workshop announced to release some of their vehicle line in 15mm sclae:

Link: Antenocitis Workshop

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Antenocitits Workshop - Turrets Preview

Antenocitis Workshop published WIP pictures of their upcoming SciFi turrets:

Link: Antenocitis Workshop

Recreational Conflict - 28mm Hardsuit Release

Recreational Conflict released their 28mm Hardsuit miniature:

Link: Recreational Conflict

Victory Force - More Redd Redan Previews

Victory Force revealed another set of Redd Redan miniatures:

Link: Victory Force

Secret Weapon Miniatures - Sewer Works Preview

Secret Weapon Miniatures published a preview of their Sewer Works bases:

Link: Secret Weapon Miniatures

Litko Game Accesories - New Steampunk Horror Token

Litko Game Accesories released several new sets of token:




Body Parts

Link: Litko Game Accesories

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spartan Games - Covenant of Antarctica Plato Class Cruiser

Spartan Games showed a new artwork for the upcoming Covenant of Antarctica faction, the Plato Class Cruiser

Link: Spartan Games

Antenocitis Workshop - Hunchback APC Preview

Antenocitis Workshop published new pictures of the Hunchback AP:

Link: Antenocitis Workshop

PegaMiniDesign - New Ulkan Preview

PegaMiniDesign published a new preview picture:

Link: PegaMiniDesign

Raging Heroes - Kapitan Ivanka

Raging Heroes revealed their first SciFi miniature, Capitan Ivanka:

Link: Raging Heroes

Ral Partha Europe - Demonworld Update

Ral Partha Europe announced to releases the first batch of Demonworld miniatures next week.

The sets will come without hexbases to keep costs low.

A whole list of teh first wave can be seen here: Demonworld First Wave

Link: Ral Partha Europe

Micropanzer Wargames Studio - Remote Drone Preview

Micropanzer Wargames Studio released a picture of parts of their new 15mm remote drone:

Link: Micropanzer Wargames Studio

MaxMini - Conquistador Heads Preview

MaxMini published a preview of their new Conquistador head swaps:

Link: MaxMini

Critical Mass Games - New Releases

Critical Mass Games added several new sets to their range:

Link: Critical Mass Games

Pulp City - Arquero Release

Pulp City has a new hero, Arquero:

Link: Pulp City

Break! Fantasy Flight Games - Black Crusade Adventure

Fantasy Flight Games released Broken Chains, the first adventure for Black Crusade:

Link: Fantasy Flight Games

Rebel Minis - Bongolesian Box Set

Rebel Minis now offers a bongolesian box set for Modern HAvoc:

From their announcement:
Modern Havok: Bongolesia Boxset is a scenario boxset set in a fictional country in Africa. Designed for our 15mm modern miniatures line, these rules are a "tongue-in-cheek" way to play African Wars.
The Box set contains 48 miniatures and the PDF Scenarios(Download)
You get: 21 African Military 21 African Militia 4 Mercs/Contractors 1 Hostage 1 Government Agent.. but which government?

Link: Rebel Minis

Troll Forged Miniatures - Trollcast

Troll Forged Miniatures announced to replace their metal and resin range with new casts of what they call Trollcast:

Link: Troll Forged Miniatures

MaxMini - Gothic Backpack Release

MaxMini released the gothic backpacks:

Link: MaxMini

Monday, June 27, 2011

Spartan Games - Waterline Metzger Preview

Spartan Games published pictures of teh waterline version of the prussian Metzger robot for Dystopian Wars:

Link: Spartan Games

Warlord Games - New Bolt Action Japanese

Warlord Games announced a new range of japanese troops for teh Bolt Action range:

Link: Warlord Games

Guild of Harmony - New Releases

Three new miniatures are now available from Guild of Harmony:


Vanis, Dark Elf Blood Priestress

Goblin Shaman

Link: Guild of Harmony

Warlord Games - New Polish Airborne

Warlord Games added new sets of polish airborrne to their Bolt Action range:

Link: Warlord Games