Friday, September 30, 2011

Warlord Games - Early War Germans Preview

Warlord Games announced new early war german infantry for Bolt action based on th BEF infantry sculpts:


Link: Warlord Games

Forgeworld - Imperial Armor Apocalypse 2nd Edition

Forgeworld released the second edition of their Imperial Armor Apocalypse book:

Warlord Games - Sherman V Release

A new vehicle for teh Bolt Action range is available from Warlord Games:

Link: Warlord Games

GameCraft Miniatures - New 1/285th Middle East Buildings

GameCraft Miniatures announced new 1/285th resin buildings for their Middle East range:

These buildings are cast in one piece and 8 of the 9 buildings are based. No assembly required, just paint and start using these great new Middle East/North African style buildings.
Link: GameCraft Miniatures

Rebel Minis - 15mm Medieval and Deep Ones Previews

Rebel Minis published pictures of soon tyo be released sets of Knights, Archers and Deep Ones:


Southpaw Art and Design - New Templates

Southpaw Art and Design now offers roudn water templates and a Purge template:

Link: Southpaw Art and Design

Anvil Industry - Steampunk Prretorians and New Website

Anvil Industry released their new Steampunk Praetorians:
Additionally, they moved their store to their own new website!

Link: Anvil Industry

On the lamb Games - Brushfire for Kindle

The Brushfire - Historia Rodentia rules are now available in an electronic version for the Kindle reader:

Link: Product on amazon
Link: On the lamb Games

Warlord Games - Napoleonic Russian Grandier Pre-Order

 Pavlosk's Grenadier regiment for Black Powder is now available for pre-order from Warlord Games

Link: Warlord Games

Historic Art Miniatures - Two New 30mm Fantasy Releases

Historic Art Miniatures released two new fantasy miniatures:

The Sorcerer

The Usurper

Link: Historic Art Miniatures

Sapphire Wars - Norsgard Preview

Sapphire Wars allows a first glimpse at their new Norsgard rabnge:

Link: Sapphire Wars on facebook

Mega Miniatures USA - New Frontier Force Scouts

New sets of SciFi Frontier Force Scouts are now available from Mega Miniatures USA:

Link: Mega Miniatures USA

CorSec Engineering - OmniStand Hex Bases

CorSec Engineering now offers hex bases for their OmniStand system:

Link: CorSec Engineering

Highlander Studios - New 15mm Previews

HighlanderStudios published several pictures for new 15mm Space 1889 and 5150 miniatures:

Billy Pink

Hill Martians

Zhuh-Zhuh mercenary

Link: To the article
Link: Highlander Studios

PK-Pro - New Ruins Bases

PK-Pro released new sets of ruins bases:


Link: PK-Pro

Team Frog - New Release Sasquatch

Team Frog announces a new sculpt by Pedro Ramos : Sasquatch

Link : Team Frog

Najewitz Modellbau - New Release Paddle Steam Boat

A 28mm miniature by german company Najewitz Modellbau :

Link : Najewitz Modellbau

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Defiance Games - Alien Suns US Marine Preview

Defiance Games published a first preview of their US Marine miniatures for Alien Suns

Other factions of the first wave will be german Heer and Bugs:


Link: Defiance Games

Brother Vinni - Three new Landsknechte

Brother Vinni added three new miniatures to his Landsknechte range:

Link: Brother Vinni

Dream Pod 9 - October Releases

Dream Pod 9 announced new releases for October:

In October, 2011, we are introducing three Utopian Squad (Commando, Recce, and Support Troupes) boxed sets in this new packaging as well as start shipping all C.E.F. and Black Talon boxed sets in this new packaging. Our blister packaging is also being updated to correspond to the army starter kits and squad boxed sets faction color-coding, this should be completed by the end of 2011.
Link: Dream Pod 9

Break! Fantasy Flight Games - Bloodbowl Team Manager Release Date

Fantasy Flight Games announce that the Bloodbowl Team Manager card game will be in stores on October 6th:

The wait is nearly over. Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game, the bone-breaking game of violence and outright cheating, will be on store shelves October 6th! In this fast and furious card game of football face-offs, Chaos, Dwarf, Wood Elf, Human, Orc, and Skaven teams compete over the course of a brutal season. Customize your team by drafting Star Players, hiring staff, and upgrading facilities, all to win the most fans!

Greebo Miniatures - Volmarian Fantasy Football Team

Greebo Miniatures released a new Fantasy Football team including markers for stunned and k.o. Bull Centaurs:

Link: Greebo Miniatures

Fiendish Fabrications - Sinister Scarecrow Halloween Sale

Fiendish Fabrications celebrates Halloween with a sale of their Sinister Scarecrow range:

Link: Fiendish Fabrications

Mad Robot Miniatures - 15mm Tachyon Mercebnary Corps Preview

Mad Robot Miniatures announced their latest 15mm set, TMC Jump Troops.

Link: Mad Robot Miniatures 

Victory Force - Santa and Elf Troops

Victory Force announced their new Santa and Elf Troops set:

From their announcement:
Coming soon:
Santa and his Elf Troops
I am finishing up on the last greens for this figure set and will have them all for sale soon
The figures:
Santa with smg
Santa with bazooka (conversion)
Elf Half Squad
Sniper popping out of package
Forward Observer and snowman blind
MG Team
Fighting hand to hand with shovel
Above are some examples I have started painting on. Santa and his Elf Troops are using U.S. WWII – Korea period style weapons
Santa wears military mountain pants and parka. He carries a Thompson SMG and a 45 pistol, his conversion figure has a bazooka
The Elves wear Christmas Elf style outfits with U.S. infantry weapons

Link: Victory Force

Brother Joseph's War Art - 15mm Abominations Of Dark Science Collection One Preview

Brother Joseph's War Art published a picture of the production mould for their Abominations Of Dark Science Collection One:

This collection includes 1 Base of Murg Imps, 1 Grizzought, 1 Death Digger, and 3 Rattle Wings.

Wreck Age - Another Staker Artwork

Wreck Age revealed another artwork for a Staker:

Link: Wreck Age

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MercsMini - Keizai Waza Pre-Order

MercsMinis now accepts pre-orders of the new MERCS faction Keizai Waza:

Available on October 13th.