Monday, January 31, 2011

Spartan Games - Dystopian War Invasions Supplement

Spartan Games indirectly announced a supplement for Dystopian War to be released with the second wave of nations called "Invasion".

From their forums

The models (landing crafts) will come out before the second set of nations.......around the time of the Invasion Supplement.
So......Dystopian Invasions!! We like that idea.

Link: Spartan Games

Antenocitis Workshop - Scorpion Light Tank WIP

Antenocitis Workshop showed some pictures of the upcoming Nova Rus Scorpion Light Tank for G.O.T.

Link: Antenocitis Workshop

Thomarillion - Donkey, Dragon Bones & Tools

Thomarillion released several new scenery pieces:

Break! Mantic Games Boardgame

UK-retailer Wayland Games put the following announcement on their homepage:

Dungeon Crawlers Assemble!
Honestly, who doesn't love dungeon crawl games?
Coming to a dank, slimy dungeon near you...
"Dwarf King’s Hold: Undead Rising" will see greedy Dwarf adventurers brave the depths filled with rotting undead monsters in a brand new dungeon quest board game; complete with tiles, plastic figures and several scenarios to test your mettle. From what we've heard, this is going to be awesome!
Start sharpening your best Dwarven battle axe in anticipation for March.
Mantic release their long whispered about Boardgame the Dwarf Kings Hold. Released March 29th 2011. More information as we get it.

Dragon Forge - Urban Rubble Stalingrad Preview

A new set of Urban Rubble bases has been announced by Dragon Forge

Link: Dragon Forge

Secret Weapon Miniatures - Trenchwork Preview

Secret Weapon Miniatures released a preview of their upcoming trenchwork terrain

Link: Secret Weapon Miniatures

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Harwood Hobbies - Dr Zander Release

Dr Zander is now available from Harwood hobbies. He comes in three variants, normal, armed and zombified, and is about 29mm high. Available separately or as a set.

Link: Harwood Hobbies

Quantum Gothic - January Releases

Quantum Gothic posted a preview of their next releases:

Link: Quantum Gothic

Gaspez-Arts - Team Putridi

A new, kind of unhealthy looking Fantasy Football team is now available from Gaspez-Arts

Link: Gaspez-Arts

Bronze Age Miniatures - New Centaurs & Gladiators

New Centaurs and Gladiators are bow available from Bronze Age Miniatures

Link: Bronze Age Miniatures

ID Works - Concept Artwork

ID Works published a concept artwork of the Concrete Moto bases:

Link: ID Works

Darkson Designs - AE Volkssturm Preview

Darkson Design showed some pictures of their upcoming Volkssturm miniature (consequently misspelled "Volkstrum")

Link: Darkson Design

Yedharo Models - Yedharo, the God of Hell

Yedharo Models published a preview of their soon to be released God of Hell

Link: Yedharo Models

Hasslefree Miniatures - New Grymn and Kindred

Hasslefree Miniatures released new miniatures for the Grymn and Kindred ranges:

Link: Hasslefree Miniatures

Scibor Miniatures - Dwarf Warrior Bust

Scibor Miniatures offers a new Dwarf Warrior bust:

Link: Scibor Miniatures

Dragon Forge - New 200mm Urban Rubble Base

A new Urban Rubble base is available from Dragon Forge:

Link: Dragon Forge

Black Scorpion Miniatures - Cutlass Cover and Scenery

Black Scorpion Miniatures released two new picture of their upcoming pirate skirmish "Cutlass"

Link: Black Scorpion Miniatures

Saturday, January 29, 2011

MaxMini - Energy Guns

New Energy Guns are now available from MaxMini

Link: MaxMini

Reaper Miniatures - Reaper Con 2011 Artwork

Reaper Miniature published an artwork of their 2011 Con miniature

Link: Reaper Miniatures

Dragon Forge - New Parched Earth and Tech Deck Bases

New Parched Earth and Tech Deck bases are now available from Dragon Forge:

Link: Dragon Forge

Rebel Minis - 15mm NUTS! Stalingrad Sniper

Rebel Minis offers the new NUTS! Stalingrad Sniper Scenario Pack  rules and a corresponding pack of german and soviet sniper

Link: Rebel Minis

Conquest Games - Norman Knight Command Preview

Conquest Games published a first picture of their Norman Knight Command

Link: Conquest Games

Tabletop Art - Blood Taurus

Tabletop Art announced their first large miniature, the Blood Taurus

Link: Tabletop Art

ManorHouse Workshop - New Terrain

Manorhouse Workshop released new terrain including a graveyard crypt and modular gaming table items:

Maelstrom Games - Bane Legion Homepage and Preview

Maelstrom Games started a homepage dedicated to Bane Legion and showed a new artwork:

Links: Bane Legion & Maelstrom Games

Friday, January 28, 2011

Exclusive! Harwood Hobbies Horror Range Previews

Harwood Hobbies sent us some very interesting pictures of their upcoming releases.

From their announcement:

What I’ve done is had one character sculpted, but in a few different poses – I have a “normal” version, an “armed” version and a “zombified” version (since that’s so popular these days!) So there’s usually 3 miniatures, all of the same person – which I hope will add some variety and flexibility to gaming. 
They’re all for the horror range and I have 4 sets to be released over the next two months or so. There’s scientists, a nurse, and an RCMP officer (since I’m in Canada!).
Of course, all are 28mm but I haven’t decided on pricing yet. They will be available individually and as a set.

Link: Harwood Hobbies