Saturday, September 29, 2012

Privateer Press - Judicator Colossal

Privateer Press presents the Judicator Colossal for the Protectorate of Menoth:

Link: Privateer Press

Mantic Games - Dreadball Kickstarter Ending Soon

The Dreadball Kickstarter Campaign is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Mantic Games

Effigy Miniatures - Havoc Protocol Kickstarter Update

Effigy Miniatures announced an update of their Havoc Protocol Kickstarter campaign:

The Founders - These personalities are the politicians, magnates, and executives who helped form the System and continue to shape it. I was thrilled to have my good friend Aaron Minier develop the designs for these important non-combatants. Be sure to check out his illustration work HERE and if you want to find out why "Fantasy is Dead", take a look at his comic, Black Rose.

Link: Campaign  on Kickstarter
Link: Effigy Miniatures

Red Knight Entertainment - Necrovanum Berserkers Preview

The third Corpse Hammer preview has been published by Red Knight Entertainment: 

The Necrovanum Berserkers have both a ranged Venom Cannon as well as a heavy Necro Syckle for close combat. The Necro Syckle is unusually large for the Berserkers and is difficult to wield under their own power resulting in clumsy or ill planned strikes against the Nephalim Knights. However once per game the Berserkers may engage a Necro Charge through the tubes in their back which floods their body with a heavy amount of powerful toxic fluids embodying them with crushing brute strength and speed. This effect lasts two turns, afterwards leaving them in a more weakened state.
Link: Red Knight Entertainment

Micro Art Studio - New Infinity Scvenery

Micro Art Studio now offers two new sets of scenery for Infinity:

Link: Micro Art Studio

Mad Robot Miniatures - 28mm Heads Releases

Mad Robot Miniatures now offers two new sets of 28mm heads:

Link: Mad Robot Miniatures

Otherworld Miniatures - Dungeon Adventurers on Indiegogo

Otherworld Miniatures started an Indiegogo campaign to produce a set of Dungeon Adventurers:

Link: Campaign on Indiegogo
Link: Otherworld Miniatures

Friday, September 28, 2012

Warlord Games - Bolt Action: Assault on Normandy

Warlord Games announced a starter set for Bolt Action:


Bolt Action: Assault on Normandy contains:
Full-colour 216-page hardback Bolt Action rulebook
40 multi-pose, hard plastic 28mm miniatures:
20 US Army infantry
20 German Heer infantry
1 hard plastic Ruined Farmhouse
8 Bolt Action Orders Dice

Link: Warlord Games 

Raging Heroes - Ivanka's Younger Sister Preview

Raging Heroes published a preview of Ivanka's younger sister and started a contest for their customers from slavic countries:

Since the Kurganova sisters are of Slavic descent, we're asking our Eastern European friends to name her and to give here her motto, which will be in Cyrillic characters at the bottom of her coat.
Please fill out the contest form below to send us your suggestions. The winner gets the first cast of the miniature!
(Not from a Slavic country? Don't worry, we'll have other minis for you to name in the near future…)
Link: Raging Heroes 

Gifted Vision Inc - Dungeon Crawler Minis Kickstarter

Gifted Vision Inc started a Kickstarter campaign for a set of Dungeon Crawler Minis:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Gifted Vision Inc

Warlord Games - Mounted French Infantry Colonels

The mounted Napoleonic French Infantry Colonels are now available from Warlord Games:

Neuroshima Tactics - Steel Police and Heroes

Neuroshima Tactics added the Heroes to their gallery and published their first expansion, the Steel Police:

Warlord Games - New Iroquois

Warlord Games added two new sets of Iroquois to their French-Indian War range:

Link: Warlord Games

Puppetswar - New Shoulder Pads

Puppetswar released new sets of Chaos Shoulder Pads:


Link: Puppetswar

Warlord Games - US Airborne Army Deals

The US Airborne army deals are now available from Warlord Games.

Link: Warlord Games

Cool Mini or Not - Ravage Magazine Issue 4

The fourth issue of Ravage Magazine US is coming out the second week of October:

Blood and Skulls Industry - Liberator Patter Tank Tracks

Blood and Skulls  Industry now offer the Liberator Pattern 1.0 tank tracks:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Blood and Skulls Industry on ebay

Warlord Games - Waffen-SS 2cm Flakvierling

Warlord Games added the Waffen-SS 2cm Flakvierling to their Bolt Action range:

Link: Warlord Games

Impact! Miniatures - Dungeon Adventurer Kickstarter

The Classic Dungeon Adventurers Miniature Set- Chibi Anime Style Kickstarter campaign from Impact! Miniatures is now live:

Warlord Games - Imperial Japanese 81mm Mortar

The Imperial Japanese 81mm mortar team is now available from Warlord Games:

On the Lamb Games - Endless Fantasy Background Article

On the Lamb Games published a background article about the world of Endless Fantasy Tactics:

Link: On the Lamb Games

Warlord Games - Battle Ready Greek Temple

A new piece of terrain, the Greek Temple, is now available from Warlord Games:

Link: Warlord Games

Tor Gaming - End of Summer Sale Ending Soon

The End of Summer sale from Tor Gaming is ending soon:

Link: Tor Gaming

Black Hat Miniatures - Tolero Cavalry Release

Black Hat Miniatures released the Tolero Cavalry and separate Terrorbird mounts:


Link: Black Hat Miniatures

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Otherworld Miniatures - New Releases

Otherworld Miniatures released a new Vampire, Hill Giant, Lich with Wand and Cavemen:


 Link: Otherworld Miniatures

Spartan Games- New Firestorm Armada Releases

Spartan Games released the new Firestorm Armada campaign book Marauders of the Rift and new ships for the Terquai Empire and Veydreth:


Link: Spartan Games

Bombshell Miniatures - New Kickstarter Stretchgoals

The new stretchgoals for Bombshell Miniatures' Kickstarter campaign have been announced:


Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Bombshell Miniatures

Scibor Miniatures - Halloween Boyar Champion

Scibor Miniatures released a Halloween-themed champion for their Moscal range:

Link: Scibor Miniatures

Spartan Games - New Dystopian Wars Releases

Spartan Games released a new wave of Dystopian War miniatures, including the Dominion of Canada and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Land Forces as well as reinforcements for the Russian Coalition:

Mantic Games - Dreadball Season 3 Announcement

Although Dreadball ha snot been released yet, Mantic Games already announced the second expansion:

Ultimate DreadBall is the second expansion to the core ruleset. In short – it’s more teams and more MVPs, rules for bigger arenas, 4 player options and Multi-hex giant Robots of awesomeness! Check out Jake’s fantastic post over on Quirkworthy for more details!
Link: Mantic Games 

On the Lamb Games - Endless Fantasy Tactics Squire Preview and QSR

On the Lamb Games published another artwork for Endless Fantasy Tactics and released the Quick Start Rules:

Link: On the Lamb Games

Rebel Minis - 15mm Pangalactic Legion

The new 15mm Pangalactic Legion miniatures are now available from Rebel Minis:


Link: Rebel Minis