Sunday, October 31, 2010

Darkson Designs - AE Bounty Headtaker Preview

Darkson Designs shows a picture of their new AE Bounty Headtaker

Link: Darkson Designs

Scibor Miniatures - Goblin Veterans & Warband

Scibor released two new Goblin Veterans and a Warband of 5

Link: Scibor Miniatures

Heresy Miniatures - Dragon almost done

Heresy Miniatures almost finished their long-awaited Dragon and published a lot of new pictures

Link: Heresy Miniatures

Conquest Games - Pictures of Sprues

Conquest GAmes added pictures of the sprues to their Norman Knights to their webpage

Link: Conquest Games

Grindhouse Games - Dog Face Soldiers

Grindhouse Games started their Junk-range with the release of a set of 5 Dog Face Soldiers

Link: Grindhouse Games

Scibor Miniatures - Two New Chaos Mutants

Scibor released two Mutants of Chaos

Link: Scibor Miniatures

Kromlech - First Vehicle Turrets Released

The first two Orc War II vehicle turrets from Kromlech can be ordered from the MaxMini online shop

Rehrborg-Pattern small turret

Vertod-Pattern small turret

Links: Kromlech & MaxMini

Avatars of War - Plastic Boxes on the Horizon

The spanish blog Minaturas Y Wargaming has informations about an upcoming plastic box of dwarves. The release is supposed to be less than a month away!

LInk Miniaturas Y Wargaming & Avatars of War

Saturday, October 30, 2010

WIN!! Dystopian Wars Rules & Naval Battle Group Give-away

Wanna have free stuff?

We are proud to announce our first Tabletop Fix Give-Away!
What do you have to do?
Not much:

 - Just become a follower of our blog until november 21st! -

We will randomly choose a winner on november 22nd and we will pre-order a Dystopian War rulebook, DW Game Cards and a Naval Battle Group of choice for him/her!

(Please note that there is no official release date for Dystopian War yet, but we will pre-order the prize immediately and have it shipped directly to the winner. You'll need to provide a name and shipping address if you are the winner. People associated with the blog are excluded from the draw).

Fenris Games - Modern Investigator

Fenris Games announced a new range of Modern/Near Future Civilians and published a picture of the first miniature, the Modern Ivestigator

Link: Fenris Games

Magister Militum - 15mm Blood Dawn Undead

Magister Militum added new pictures of their 15mm Undeads to their shop

Link: Magister Militum

Armorum & Aquila Miniatures - November Special Offer

For every 50 £ spend on Armorum & Aquila miniatures in november you'll get one additional pack for free!

Link: Armorum & Aquila Minaitures

Friday, October 29, 2010

Spartan Games - Dystopian Wars Rulebook Cover

A picture of the rulebook for Spartan Games Dystopian Wars is now available

In addition, the card deck was shown and it will add "Fog of War" to the game.

Link: Spartan Games

Warlord Games - Bolt Action British 3-up

A new 3-up pictures of the upcoming British are shown on the Warlord Games homepage

Link: Warlord Games

Knuckleduster Miniatures - War of 1812 Release

Three sets of teh War of 1812 range from Knuckleduster Miniatures are now available

Link: Knuckleduster Miniatures

Warlord Games - Crimean War British Officer

Warlord GAmes shows a prview of their crimean mounted british Officer

Link: Warlord Games

Avatars of War - Painted Witchhunter

A picture of the painted Avatars of War Witchhunter surfaced on the web

Link: Avatars of War

Dream Pod 9 - Heavy Fear Sale

Dream Pod 9 offers a special Heavy Fear Halloween Sale. Get 10$ of free stuff for every 50$ you spend at their shop till november 1st.

Link: Dream Pod 9

15mm - SHM miniatures offers nine new 15mm SciFi miniatures sculpted by Steve Hazuka in their SHM range


Warlord Games - Bolt Action Polish Sharpshooters

Warlord Games released early war polish Sharpshooters, Anti-Tank Rifleman and Marksman Team

Link: Warlord Games

Break! Black Library - New Free Novel Download

"Trollslayer"  is now available for free download from the Black Library website

Link: Black Library

Brigade Models - Belgian Land Ironclads

Brigade models announced three belgian Land Iron Clads.

More picture can be seen at Yours in a White Wine Sauce!

Link: Brigade Models

Mantic Games - Free Rules & Skeleton Archers

Mantic Games announced that every order made in November will receive a printed copy of the Kings of War-rules for free.

Additionally they announced the release of a skeleton-archer upgrade pack on november 26th.

Link: Mantic Games

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spartan Games - Dystopian Wars FSA Landship

A new picture was added to the FSA gallery, the amphibious (!) Landship

Legends of Kalidasia - Rules Update & Battleship Release

Legends of Kalidasia released a new version of the "Rise of the Suraki" rules.

In addition they announced their Warships to be released in early december and their fighters in early 2011.

Link: Legends of Kalidasia

Black Orc Games - New Miniature

Black Orc Games released another Hundred Kingdoms miniature, the Stalker

Link: Black Orc Games

Privateer Press - Resculpted Cygnar Trencher Unit

Privateer Press announced a new set for Warmachine, the resculpted Cygnar Trencher unit.

Link: Privateer Press

On the lamb games - Otter Ashigaru

The first box for the Brushfire Ribenguo Shogunate is now available

And don't forget their 30% off offer for today! Perfect time to start with Brushfire ;)

Link: On the lamb Games

Scibor Miniatures- Dwarf Warrior on War Bear

Another new release from Scibor Miniatures, a Dwarf mounted on a War Bear.

Link: Scibor Miniatures

Anakron Minaiture Studio - Fortune-teller Preview

French manufacturer Anakron has published a new WIP picture of their Fortune-teller

Link: Anakron Miniature Studio

Pulp Figures - Limited Edition Miniature

Pulp Figures will add a free Professor Jones variant to each order of 2 or more packs while stocks last. This miniature will not be available in any other way

Link: Pulp Figures

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the lamb Games - Boss's Birthday Sale

On the lamb Games offers a massive 30% off for all orders on the 28th and 29th of october!

Link: On the lamb Games

Games Workshop - Lizardmen Advanced Orders

Games Workshop put up three new sets for the Fantasy Lizardmen, Oxyotl and two sets of Skink Standard Bearer and Musicians. The miniatures will be released on November 20th.

© Games Workshop. All rights reserved. Used without permission

Link: Games Workshop

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Spartan Games - Dystopian Wars Painted Fleets

Spartan Games put pictures of painted Naval Groups plus Carrier online

Link: Spartan Games

Tor Gaming - More Rules Development

Tor Gaming posted Morale rules and the Vaettir QSR List for Relics on their homepage

Link: Tor Gaming

Warlord Games - Bolt Action USMC Deal

Warlord Games offers a limited pre-order special for their upcoming Far East USMC

Link: Warlord Games

Studio McVey - Al-Vianna Release

A new miniature is now available from Studio McVey

Link: Studio McVey

Sergeant Major Miniatures - New Pulp Range

SGMM launched a new range of Pulp miniatures

Link: Sergeant Major Miniatures