Thursday, January 31, 2013

Avatars of War - Goblin Artworks

Avatars of War showed new artworks of Goblins:


Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Avatars of War

MercsMinis - CCC Breacher Preview

MercsMinis presents the CCC Breacher straight out of the 3D printer:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: MercsMinis

Red Republic Games - Arena Rex Preview

Red Republic Games announced Arena Rex, gladiator combat in a mythic age. The spectacle begins March 15th!

Privateer Press - New Releases

New releases for Warmachine and Hordes are now available from Privateer Press:


Link: Privateer Press

Taban Miniature - The Butcher

The Butcher, a new miniature for the Horde in EDEN, has been announced by Taban Miniatures:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Taban Miniatures

Blockhaus82 - New KOLAPS Preview

Blockhaus82 presents another concept for their upcoming KOLPAS game:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Campaign on Ulule

Lead Adventure - Bruegelburg Mortar Preview

Lead Adventure announced a new mortar for their Bruegelburg range:


Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Lead Adventure

Urban Mammoth - New Warheads Previews

Urban Mammoth presents the colored renders for Gwen and Mortimer:


Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Warheads

Warploque Miniatures - Unithorn Preview

Warploque Miniatures presents a picture of their Unithorn:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Warploque Miniatures

Wild West Exodus - New Scale Comparison

Wild West Exodus published a new scale comparison picture:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Wild West Exodus

Mierce Miniatures - Kickstarter Update

Mierce Miniatures announced a new stretchgoal for their Darklands Kickstarter:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Mierce Miniatures

Brigade Models - 15mm Tank Crew Preview

Brigade Models published preview pictures of their 15mm Tank Crew:


Link: Brigade Models

Company B - Panzer III ARV Conversion Kit

Company B now offers a conversion kit for the Bergepanzer III:

Link: Company B

Dark Space Corp - Kickstarter Update

Dark Space Corp presents WIP pictures of another miniature for their Kickstarter campaign:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Dark Space Corp

Puppetswar - New Vehicle Weapons

A new set of side-mounted heavy weapons is now available from Puppetswar:

Link: Puppetswar

Center Stage Miniatures - New Previews

Center Stage Miniatures published several new preview pictures:

 Lemures and Gnoll Champion

I bring you our first "Facebook Exclusive" miniature, CSE-001, Gnoll Champion, sculpted by Mark Evans. He'll be available for purchase exclusively for our Facebook fans once we hit 500 "Likes."
And the Head Spider, the first add-on miniature for the Torn World Kickstarter

Ral Partha Europe - New 15mm Demonworld Characters

Ral Partha Europe added several characters to their 15mm Demonworld range:


 Link: Ral Partha Europe

Anvil Industry - New Weapon Previews

Anvil Indsutry presents their Laser Rifle, shotgun, Assault Rifle, Firestorm Carbine and Sniper Rifle, plus assorted spare mags, grenades and bullets:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tabletop Art - Flagstone Base Starter Deal

Tabletop Art now offers a Flagstone Base Starter Deal:

Link: Tabletop Art

Tor Gaming - Kickstarter Update

Tor Gaming showed new sculpts for the Nappa for the Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter:

Additionally, the campaign achieved the Puppeteer stretchgoal and is now heading towards the Orcnar Ealdmoder:

Link: Tor Gaming

Pulp City - New Guerilla Sculpt

Pulp City presents a new version of Guerilla:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Pulp City

Agnostic Giraffe Miniatures - Kickstarter Update

Agnostic Giraffe Miniatures presents several new WIP pictures for their Kickstarter:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Agnostic Giraffe Miniatures on facebook

Scibor Miniatures - New Elven Decorations

Several new sets of Elven decorations are now available from Scibor Miniatures:



Link: Scibor Miniatures