Monday, December 30, 2019

Privateer Press - New Releases

Privateer Press released new miniatures for different games:

Link: Privateer Press

Dream Pod 9 - New Previews

Dream Pod 9 published new Heavy Gear previews:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Dream Pod 9

Galladoria Games - New Kahari Desert Kit

Galladoria Games offers a new terrain range:

Link: Galladoria Games

Genesys Games - New Previews

Genesys Games published new preview pictures:

Link: Pictures on Kickstarter
Link: Genesys Games

Bombshell Miniatures - New Previews

Bombshell Miniatures presents new previews for their Patreon supporters:

Link: Bombshell Miniatures

SoulDark - New Fantasy Set

SoulDark released a new Fantasy starter set:

Unit of 16 Dwarf Clan Warriors with hand weapon and shields with leader and musicians
Unit of 16 Dwarf Clan Warriors with great weapon with leader and musicians
One Dwarf Cannon
One Dwarf Catapult
6 Orge bruisers
3 Ice Wolves (counts as Yetis)
3 Ruins (2 sets of Ballekeep and one set of Baletemple)
Set includes miniatures and bases for them (32 20mm square bases, 9 40mm square bases and 2 60mm round bases)
Link: SoulDark 

Compass Games - WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge Kickstarter

Compass Games launched the WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge Kickstarter:

Stonehaven Miniatures - New Sale Announcement

Stonehaven Games announced a new sale:

END OF HOLIDAY SALE ON OUR MINIATURES! 20% Off All Orders with code XMAS2019!
Link: Stonehaven Miniatures 

KohnGames - Launch Torpedoes Kickstarter

 KohnGames is running a Kickstarter campaign for the Launch Torpedoes solo wargame:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

The Miniature Building Authority - New Flash Sale

The Miniature Building Authority announced a new Flash sale:

Today's sale item is 10137 Animal Pent.
Link: The Miniature Building Authority 

Wargames Atlantic - New Afghans Preview

Wargames Atlantic announced plastic Afghan Warriors:

Timothy Meyers - 15mm Fantasy Kickstarter Announcement

Timothy Meyers announced his upcoming INFINITE DIMENSIONS 15mm Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter:

Link: Previews on Kickstarter

Deep Cut Studio - New Mousepad Roads

Deep Cut Studio released new mousepad roads:

Cover your battlefields with roads, paths and rivers with these easy to use mousepad terrain elements for your miniature games. Each set consists of 6 foot long stripe and additional elements to make various turns and junctions.
Link: Deep Cut Studio 

Game Mash - Chipboard Monster Tokens Kickstarter

Game Mash is running the Chipboard Monster Tokens Kickstarter:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Game Mash

Amera Plastic Mouldings - New N Gauge Tunnel Layout

Amera Plastic Mouldings released a new N gauge tunnel layout: