Monday, April 30, 2012

GCT Studio - Rat Swarm Preview

GCT Studio published a preview of a Rat Swarm for Bushido:

Link: Bushido

Critical Mass Games - New 15mm Releases

Critical Mass Games released several new sets of 15mm miniatures:


Additionally, they now offer 1000 points Battle Forces:


Link: Critical Mass Games

Titan Forge - Griffon Preview

titan Forge published a preview of a soon to be released Griffon miniature:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Titan Forge

Hawk Wargames - New Dropzone Commander Previews

Hawk Wargames presents several new preview for the upcoming 10mm Dropzone Commander:


Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Hawk Wargames

Hasslefree Miniatures - New Previews

Hasslefree Miniatures published several new previews:


Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Hasslefree Miniatures

Brigade Models - New 15mm SF Desert Building

Brigade Models offers new 15mm SciFi Desert Buildings:

B15-103 Large House/shop
B15-109 Villa
B15-112a Outbuilding #1
B15-112b Outbuilding #2
B15-116 Workshop
B15-117 Landing Pad
B15-118 Research Lab
B15-119 Medium House
Link: Brigade Models 

Tabletop World - Blacksmith's Forge

Tabletop World released an new building, the Blacksmith's Forge:


Link: Tabletop World

Antenocitis Workshop - Viper Release

The Viper Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle is now available from Antenocitis Workshop:

Fenryll - New Release

Fenryll released two new sets, Baker and Stall and The Harpy:


Link: Fenryll

DGS Games - Grular Invaders Boxset

The Grular Invaders Boxset is now available from DGS Games:

Link: DGS Games

Brigade Models - New 1/3000th Space Ships

Three new sets of Space Ships have been released by Brigade Models:

SFS-252 Phoenix Strikeship
SFS-351 Spatz Missile Boat
SFS-362 Galland attack fighter (x12)

Link: Brigade Models

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cool Mini or Not - Wrath of Kings Pre-Release

Cool Mini or Not offers a limited number of pre-release miniatuires for the upcoming Wrath of Kings game:

Link: To the article
Link: Cool Mini or Not

Yedharo Models - April Releases

Yedharo Models is back with a new wave of releases:


Link: Yedharo Models

Willy Miniatures - New Ogre Starplayer

Willy Miniatures announced a new Ogre Starplayer:

Link: Willy Miniatures

Nameless Design Miniatures - 15mm Eldritch Empires Preview

Nameless Design Miniatures published the first pictures of miniatures for the new 15mm Eldritch Empires game:

Here are the first miniatures for my upcoming tabletop wargame Eldritch Empires. This game will focus on great battles that take place in the early history of the planet we now call Earth. Throughout the stories of H.P. Lovecraft he describes conflicts between many of the major races that colonized earth. Since it is highly likely that The Elder Things were the first creatures on Earth and created all of its native life I decided to start with them.

Link: Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine

Alien Dungeon - Fanticide Skirmish System

Alien Dungeon announced a new skirmish game system:

Fanticide is a new skirmish game for battles between opposing homicidal warbands. We wanted a game that was easy to pick up, full of furious action, and whimsically grim, all at the same time. Not sanitized, market driven, “our figures or else” Mega Game Mart style, but just plain old miniature madness from the slime covered super metal halls of Alien Dungeon. (We really do need to clean up around here a bit more).
Starting next week, we will be previewing the models, rules, setting, and more. This game is sure to provide something for everyone so please check it out! The game will have four (4) complete Warbands with full miniature
ranges at launch. A wonderfully unique facet of the game is a full Warband
Creation System and Open Architecture so you can play with any models you
choose and make the warband you want to play with!
The game is slated for June release, so please check out the previews until

 Link: Alien Dungeon

Taban Miniatures - Horde Faction Cards

Taban Miniatures offers the faction cards for the Horde as downloads.

Link: Taban Miniatures

Saturday, April 28, 2012

GCT Studio - New Bushido Artwork

GCT Studio published a new artwork for Bushido:

So in thanks for your patience and continued support, here is something to get your imaginations racing. Its not for any of the current factions :)

Link: Bushido

Warlord Games - Napoleonic French ambulance

Baron Larrey’s ambulance is now available from Warlord Games:


Link: Warlord Games

Ral Partha Europe - New Demonwolrd Releases

Ral Parta Europe now offers the complete range of 15mm miniatures for the Demonworld Icelords of Ishtak:

Link: Ral Parta Europe

Friday, April 27, 2012