Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hawk Wargames - Dropzone Commander (via Brueckenkopf Online)

Our friends from the german Brueckenkopf-online hobby portal kindly allowed us to use some of  their exclusive pictures of the new 10mm Mass Combat System from Hawk Wargames:

Shaltan Tribes

Dropzone Commander is a Mass Combat SciFi game in the tradition of Dystopain Wars and Epic 40K. It will feature 4 races at the launch date with their own range of units including infantry. The races are Humans, Shaltan Tribes, Post-Human Republic and Scourge. Check out the Brueckenkopf article for more pictures of the other races!

Release Date is July 16th.

Link: Hawk Wargames


  1. Exclusive in that everyone at salute took the same pics :) They stile the show them ones.

  2. Well, it's more like "their watermark - their pictures", and I am very happy that I was allowed to use them because I wasn't at SALUTE :)

  3. The models are gorgeous. Why must everyone demand money of me?!


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