Monday, December 27, 2010

A personal note

It's the end of the year and I'm ready to go and enjoy the southern hemisphere summer for a couple of days. Time to reflect.

I started Tabletop Fix in august basically as an experiment. I was curious if I can do something that would be appreciated by the community. And I followed the very good advice of David Weber:

"Just write the story you would enjoy reading"

Well, for me the Fix is the newssite I always wanted to have. Something to pop in, look at shiny new stuff and get my daily dose of tabletop. And it's exactly working like that. The average time people spend on my blog is 2 minutes 11 seconds. That's great! Mission accomplished.

In these 5 month I wrote over 1000 posts and almost 12.000 individuals visited my blog. That is awesome and much more than I ever expected. I had days with over 1000 visitors, that just blew my mind! Thank you all!

My special thank to the 300+ gamers who visit my site on a daily base.You are great and the best motivation for me to go out and hunt news.

And there are some others I need to thank for supporting me: Larry (Bigred) from Bell of lost souls for giving me the absolutly awesome opportunity to write for one of the hobby portals with the highest profile worldwide, Zac from TGN for the warm welcome in the world of tabletop newsblogging, Wally from Harwood Hobbies for giving me the first ever exclusive content, Emily from On the lamb Games and Jason from Legends of Kalidasia for the help and cooperation and first and foremost, everyone who is still reading this :p

So, what have I planned for 2011?
Well, keeping pace with the world of tabletop news, of course.
And we hopefully will see the Tabletop Fix going viral, because there are thousands and thousands of gamer who have never ever heard of it!
That has to change.

Again, thank you all for making this work.

Best regards and game on!


PS: Well, and no news till next year :)

Break! VOR 2.0 still needs your help!

Just a reminder, if you want to do a good deed for the gaming community:
Bioplazm is planning to re-release it as VOR 2.0 and put a fundraiser on

Check it out and support them!

Link: VOR 2.0 on Kickstarter & Bioplazm

MaxMini - Mini Gun Release

MaxMini released a set of 5 Mini Guns

Link: MaxMini

Spartan Games - New Firestorm Armada Ships

Spartan Games published pictures of two new Firestorm Armada ships for the Kurak Alliance

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Warlord Games - British Commandos Artwork

Warlord Games announces a plastic set for british WWII Commandos and showed the artwork:

Link: Warlord Games

Imbrian Arts - Goblin Pre-Order

Imbrian Arts now accepts pre-orders of their Goblin range

The miniatures will be released on january 21st.

Link: Imbrian Arts

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Secret Weapon Miniatures - 10% Holiday Sale

Secret Wepaon Miniatures offers 10% off of all orders till the end of the year.

Link: Secret Weapon Miniatures

On the lamb Games - 25% off Sale

On the lamb Games offers 25% off of all orders made till end of the year!

Sadly, some of the prices have to rise a little bit in january, but now is the time to stock up :)

Link: On the lamb Games

Impact! Miniatures - Apocalyptic Quartet Complete


Pestilence, the last of Impact!'s Apocalyptic Quartet, is ready to wreak havoc and spread the love

And the whole gang together

The set will be available at january 15th.

Link: Impact! Miniatures

Friday, December 24, 2010

Warlord Games - Stug III Variants

Three different versions of the german Stug III are now available for the Bolt Action Range from Warlord Games

Link: Warlord Games

Brigade Models - Land Ironclad Sale

Brigade Models offers a whooping 25% off of all Land Ironclad orders over the christmas weekend

Link: Brigade Models

Warlord Games - Operation Squad Rules

Warlord Games released a new set of WWII skirmish rules, Operation Squad World War Two

Link: Warlord Games

Urban Mammoth - Free Shipping

Because of the shipping delays in europe due to catastrophic weather condition, Urban Mammoth offers free shipping for all orders made till december 31st.

Link: Urban Mammoth

Warlord Games - Count Tilly Release

Count Tilly, a new character for the Thirty Years War range, is now available from Warlord Games

Link: Warlord Games

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Games Workshop - More Skaven Pics & Pre-Order

User of the Warseer-forum posted more pictures of the upcoming Skaven releases for Warhammer Fantasy.

First Tretch Craventail hiding in the Skaven regiment at the front (the model on the ruin)

 and the Doom Flayer from the Games Workshop pre-order page

Link: Warseer & Games Workshop

Forgeworld - Imperial Armor 10 Pre-Order

The Imperial Armor Book 10 (The Badab War II) can now be pre-ordered from Forgeworld.

The book will be shipped after january 4th.

Link: Forgeworld

Mantic Games - New Undead

Mantic Games announced a command group for the Zombies and a limited edition Ghast leader for the ghouls

Link: Mantic Games

Eastern Front Studios - Lady in Red Preview

Eastern Front Studios published pictures of their upcoming Lady in Red

Link: Eastern Front Studios

Break! Dark Heresy - Blood of Martyrs Release

A new sourcebook for Dark Heresy is now available from Fantasy Flight Games\

Included within are a detailed history of the Ecclesiarchy and the Sisters of Battle, as well as extensive accounts of the Ministorum within the Calixis Sector from Shrine worlds to the powerful cardinals of the Sector Synod. Take up the mantle of the most faithful of the Emperor’s servants, the Adepta Sororitas including the Sisters of Battle and the Orders Dialogous, Famulous and Hospitaller!

Link: Fantasy Flight Games

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Willy Miniatures - Werewolf Preview

Willy Miniatures posted a picture of the soon to be released Werewolf

Link: Willy Miniatures

Harwood Hobbies - (Evil) Ellie

Harwood Hobbies is back from a short hiatus and they now offer Ellie and Evil Ellie

Black Scorpion Miniatures - Cutlass Cover Art

Black Scorpion Miniatures published the cover art of their upcoming Pirate Skirmish "Cutlass"

Link: Black Scorpion Miniatures

Lead Adventure - Road Guard for Last Project

Lead Adventure released another set for the Last Project range, Road Guards

Link: Lead Adventure

Crooked Dice - New Miniatures Announced

Crooked Dice announced Agent Pandora King and Corn Dolls as their next releases

Link: Crooked Dice

Mannikin Studios - Grimm's Cat Preview

Mannikin Studios published a first picture of their soon to be released miniature "Grimm's Cat"

Link: Mannikin Studios

Runic Miniatures - Free Bonus Miniature

Every order till january 1st 2011 will receive a free Ninja Girl miniature from Runic Miniatures

Link: Runic Miniatures

Tor Gaming - Project Fire

Tor Gaming announced a new game for 2011 called Project Fire.

From their annnouncement:

So, what is this 'Project Fire'? Well, yesterday morning, an idea popped into my head. This is nothing new, I tend to have ideas pop into my head on a regular bases, many of which come to nothing but with this one it ignited a flame in my imagination (pun intended) that I just couldn't put out. So, during the day, in-between other 'stuff', I managed to get the idea out of my head and onto an electronic document. Surprisingly it stretched to 4 pages!!! Wow, a whole 4 pages.

I'm not going to give you many details about the game itself (it is still in it's concept stage after all) but I am so confident that the game will make it through the development cycle that I will say:
* The game will make use of custom dice
* The game will make use of laser etched counters
* the idea behind the game is for it to be a tactical 'filler' game where people can pick it up and play it in 30mins, maybe even faster (you know the times, you at your club, waiting with a few others for your opponents for the night to turn up. So you pull out a 'filler' game to pass those 15 to 20 mins more enjoyable. But it will also be playable by more than 2 players with added tactical and resource manage decisions which will expand the game beyond the 'filler' type game)
* It will most likely  be a 'LDG', or Living dice game. So I view it as a possible line that Tor Gaming build on beyond it's initial release with new expansions that add new dice and rules to the core game.
* It will not be a 'CDG' and you will not be buying blind. I don't like blind purchase games.... Nuff said.......

Link: Tor Gaming

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spartan Games - Dystopian War Bunker Preview

Spartan Games published pictures of an objective which will be included in the upcoming Ground Vehicles Box Sets for Dystopian Wars, the Stronghold Bunker

Corvus Belli - Infinity Releases for December

Corvus Belli announced the next wave of releases for Infinity

Link: Infinity

Spartan Games - Release Schedule 2011

Spartan Games announced their preliminary release schedule for 2011


Bomber Blisters x4
Fighter Token Blisters x4

Medium Flyers x4

Ground Vehicle Boxed Sets x4
Escorts x4

Q2 - April
Specials: 2 x Robots, 1 x Submarine and 1 x Squid

Q2 - May

Web Updates (Scenarios, Rules (Fortifications & Sky Pirates), Fiction etc.)

Upgrades – Bone Griffons, Ralgard, Shroud Mages and Sky Pirates

Upgrades – Iron Dwarf, Dragon Lord, Imperial Human, Thaniras Elf and Orc Raiders

Q2 - April
Uncharted Seas Supplement

Web Updates (Scenarios, Fiction etc.)

Alliance Fleet Books x2 - FREE PDF download books
Repair Space Station

Alliance Ships

Q2 - April
Alliance Ships

Link: Spartan Games 

Privateer Press - Ogrun Assault Corps

And another preview for Warmachine. the Ogrun Assault Corps

Link: Privateer Press

Mantic Games - Price Rise

Mantic Games announced a price rise for january 2011

From their announcement:
Regrettably, due to general rising costs, our prices are going up in the new year – the 1st of January, to be precise. We have absorbed the increasing costs for some time now, but with the VAT in the UK rising to 20%, and raw material costs rising as well, we have to have a price rise.
However we don’t start paying the increased tax until January 1st 2011, so if you get your order in before then, neither will you. That gives you just 11 days to order if you want to make the most of our current prices.

Gripping Beast - Plastic Saxon Thegn Box Pre-Order

The GPN Saxon Thegn box is available fro pre-order from Gripping Beast

Additionally, all pre-orders will also recieve a free metal thegn miniature

Foundry Miniatures - Napoleonic French Carabinier Regiment

A new regiment for the napoleonic era is available from Foundry Miniatures

Link: Foundry Miniatures

Monday, December 20, 2010

Privateer Press - Two New Warmachine Miniatures

Privateer Press announced the Scavenger Bonejack for Cryx and the Attendant Priest, a mercenary unit attachement

Link: Privateer Press

Forgeworld - Imperial Armor 10 Previews

Forgeworld published a couple of sample pages for the upcoming IA 10 (The Badab War II)

Link: Forgeworld

Khurasan Miniatures - 15mm Garn Flesheaters

A new unit type for the Garn has been released by Khurasan Miniatures