Saturday, August 31, 2013

Warlord Games - Pegasus Bridge Bolt Action Set

Warlord Games announced the Pegasus Bridge set for Bolt Action:

Using the contents of the battle set, you can really set the scene for this pivotal battle. The centrepiece is a laser-cut wooden model of the bridge itself (the bridge even swings open!), accompanied by models of the Cafe Gondree, as well as a machine gun pill box, a 5cm KwK 39 gun emplacement and even wooden telegraph poles. It also includes 20 plastic German infantry, 12 metal British Airborne soldiers and an exclusive sculpt of Major John Howard himself. Full-colour waterslide decal sheets are supplied for both sides. There is also a mini-campaign booklet allowing you to recreate the firefight over the bridge and following actions.
The Ham & Jam! Collector’s Edition adds 6 resin sandbag emplacements (which can be put together into 3 machine gun emplacements), 3 more MG42 machine gun teams, 6 dead livestock models, a resin sandbag emplacement for the top of the control tower, 8 more telegraph poles and 12 resin Dragon’s teeth tank traps. In addition to this are 20 more plastic Germans, a Marder III Ausf. M tank destroyer, and 20 plastic Royal Marine Commandoes led by Lord Lovat and Piper Millin. We’ve even added a copy of Osprey Publishing’s Raid: Pegasus Bridge book to give you even more reference material, giving a full historical account and detailed uniform guides!

Link: Warlord Games

Spartan Games - Rocket Corps Samurai Preview

Spartan Games presents the Empire of the Blazing Sun Rocket Corps Samurai for Dystopian Legions:

Architects of War - Middle Eastern House Plastic Kit Preview

Architects of War announced a Middle Eastern House Plastic Kit:

This wonderful 28mm plastic middle eastern house is coming very soon from Renedra!
Link: Architects of War 

Warploque Miniatures - ArcWorlde Kickstarter Ending Soon!

The ArcWorlde Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Warploque Miniatures

Warlord Games - New Parthians

Warlord Games offers new Parthians for Hail Caesar:

Puppetswar - New Acid Blasters

The Acid Blasters are now available from Puppetswar:

Link: Puppetswar

Warlord Games - Bolt Action Ghurkas Pre-Order

Warlord Games now accepts pre-orders for the Ghurka boxed set for Bolt Action:

Link: Warlord Games

Sabol Designs - Labor Day Sale

Sabol Designs offers a special Labor Day deal:

ALL Foam trays on sale this WEEKEND use the code: labor for 15% off!
Link: Sabol Designs 

Warlord Games - Horch 1a with 2cm Flak

The Horch 1a with 2cm Flak is now available from Warlord Games:

Armies Army - New 15mm Previews

Armies Army announced a new faction for their 15mm range:

Something 'unknown' for the Brits and Russians forces....something far more deadly and advanced!
Link: Armies Army

Warlord Games - New Decal Sheets

Warlord Games added new decal sheets to their range:

Link: Warlord Games

Thon - War Keeper Caurus Preview

Thon presents War Keeper Caurus:

Link: Thon

Chapterhouse Studio - New Preview

Chapterhouse Studio published a preview of an upcoming release:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Chapterhouse Studio

Spellcrow - New Releases

Spellcrow now offers Salamanders / Dragons Knights - Heavy Large Shields and the Dark Faun:

 Link: Spellcrow

Kaha Miniatures - New Previews

Kaha Miniatures presents new greens and artwork:

Link: Kaha Miniatures

Action Games Miniatures - Drake Beta Rules

Action Games Miniatures released the beta rules for Drake:

We are so very proud to bring you these beta rules. Army list previews and an updated points list will follow shortly. These are here for peer review so have a read, head over to the forums, and let us know what you think.
Link: Action Games Miniatures

Company B - Fiat SPA Dovunque 35

The Fiat SPA Dovunque 35 is now available from Company B:

Link: Company B

Escenorama - Cargo Set Preview

Escenorama announced a new Cargo Set:

Link: Escenorama

Steel Crown Productions - New 6mm Releases

Steel Crown Productions released the 6mm Small Behemoth:

Link: Steel Crown Productions

Megalith Games - Wyldfolks Megaliths

Megalith Games released a new scenery set:

Link: Megalith Games

Friday, August 30, 2013

Spartan Games - New Dystopian Wars Previews

Spartan Games announced the October releases for Dystopian Wars, including the East India Merchant Company:

 Link: Spartan Games

Zenit Miniatures - New Kensei Releases

Zenit Miniatures presents new releases for Kensei:


Link: Zenit Miniatures