Friday, July 31, 2015

Anvil Industry - New Afterlife Preview

Anvil Industry published a new preview for Afterlife:

Natalya Federici and her Protos Battle Drone, which she controls via a Synch-Link Implant. Very much WIP still but its getting there!
Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Anvil Industry

4Ground - New Releases

4Ground released new 10mm and 28mm buildings:

Link: 4Ground

Warlord Games - Sd Kfz 251/16 Pre-Order

The Sd Kfz 251/16 can now be pre-ordered from Warlord Games:

Link: Warlord Games

Break! Fantasy Flight Games - Force and Destiny Release

The Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook and Game Master's Kit are now available:

Link: Fantasy Flight Games

Pulposaurus Entertainment - Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter

Pulposaurus Entertainment launched the Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter:

 Conan: Rise of Monsters is an epic fantasy miniature wargame with pre-painted plastic figures. It was created and designed by four veteran designers of the table-top industry, and lavishly illustrated by some of the industry's top artists such as Victor Moreno and Adrian Smith.
Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

Fantasy Flight Games - Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack

Fantasy Flight Games announced the Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack for X-Wing:

Link: Fantasy Flight Games

Dave Graffam Models - Merchant of Rake's Corner Paper Terrain

The Merchant of Rake's Corner paper terrain is now available:

Link: Dave Graffam Models

Break! Ninja Division - Super Dungeon Tactics Videogame

Ninja Divison announced the Super Dungeon Tactics videogame:

Soda Pop Miniatures, Ninja Division Publishing, and Underbite Games are proud to announce the upcoming Super Dungeon®: Tactics video game. As a special treat to our fans, the Boo Booty USB Drive includes a preinstalled Alpha Demo of the game.
The current alpha demo is a basic, turn-based two-player battle on a single map. Though the final game is a while off, we wanted to share some of the exciting ideas we are exploring. The final product will include:
Story Missions rich in Crystalia Lore
Challenging Side Quests
Endless Dungeon Exploring
Expanding Explorer’s Guild
Your Favorite Heroes
Character Progression and Loot
Multiplayer Arenas
With your help, we plan to make an awesome game for fans and newcomers of the world of Crystalia. Expect to see more updates as we continue to work hard on bringing Super Dungeon®: Tactics to life!
Link: Ninja Division

GCT Studios - New Rise of the Kage Previews

GCT Studios published new pictures of their Rise of the Kage boardgame:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: GCT Studios

Critical Mass Games - Kickstarter Ending Soon

The Ayame Battlesuit Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Critical Mass Games

Wyrd Miniatures - GenCon Exclusives

The GenCon Exclusives for Malifaux are now available for the Wyrd Miniatures online store:

Link: Wyrd Miniatures

Antenocitis Workshop - New 15mm Azure Dragon Previews

Antenocitits Workshop published new pictures of the 15mm version of their Azure Dragon Dropship:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Antenocitis Workshop

Battlefront Miniatures - New Flames of War Releases

Battlefront Miniatures offers new sets for Flames of War:

Link: Flames of War

Tabletop Art - New Terrain Components

New terrain components are available from Tabletop Art:

Link: Tabletop Art

Brigade Models - New 15mm Releases

Brigade Models released new 15mm scenery and accessories:

Link: Brigade Models

Titan Forge - Lobotmoy Kickstarter Announcement

Titan Forge announced a Kickstarter campaign for their Lobotomy boardgame:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Titan Forge

Warlord Games - Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry

The Napoleonic Portuguese Line Infantyr can now be pre-ordered from Warlord Games:

 Link: Warlord Games

Fantasy Flight Games - X-Wing Wave 8 Previews

Fantasy Flight Games anounced wave 8 for X-Wing:

Link: Fantasy Flight Games

Scibor Miniatures - New Previews

Scibor Miniatures presents new WIP pictures:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Scibor Miniatures

Puppetswar - New Road Pieces

Puppetswar released new heavily destroyed road pieces:

Link: Puppetswar

MaxMini - Desert Dweller Sale

MaxMini announced a sale of their Desert Dweller range:

Link: MaxMini

Break! Privateer Press - Shredder Plushy

The Shredder Plushy is avaialble from Privateer Press:

Link: Privateer Press

Warlord Games - New Freeborn Reinforcements

Warlord Games offers more reinforcements for the Freeborn:

 Link: Warlord Games