Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Splintered Light Miniatures - 15mm Wood Elves

Splintered Light Miniatures published pictures of the final versions of their upcoming 15mm Wood Elves

Reaper - New Chronsocope Zombie Survivors

Two new Zombie Survivors are now available for the Chronoscope range



Link: Reaper Miniatures

Ziterdes - Advent Calender

Ziterdes announced to run an Advent Calendar full of discounts and special deals

Check it out at Ziterdes

Reaper - New Heavy Metal Miniatures

Two new Heavy Metal miniatures are now available from Reaper Minaitures

Ice Troll

Frost Wyrm

Link: Reaper Miniatures

Terragnosis - Name the Rhino-Thingy Contest

Terragnosis announced a contest to name their upcoming Rhino-Thingy.

From their announcement:
We have had some fun thinking up names for this chap including Rhinoman, Rhinachnid, Mr Rhino and Rhinobot to name but a few. Can you think of a better name?
The best name will be chosen by the sculptor, Steven Eserin and Stephen Danes, the writer of Ruination. The winner of our little competition will receive a copy of the miniature as well as a copy of Ruination. The competition closes the day we receive this weird rhinofreak back from the printers.
please send your entries to info@terragnosis.co.uk

 Link: Terragnosis

Reaper - Special Edition: The Nativity

The spirit of christmas is all around!

Link: Reaper Miniatures

Micro Art Studios - Small Missile Silo

A new terrain piece is available from Micro Art Studios

Link: Micro Art Studios

Reaper - New Warlord Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures released two new miniatures for the Warlord range

Barbarian Berserker of Icingstead

Gnoll Reaver of Kargir

Aberrant Games - Rezolution/Warlands Holidy Deals

Aberrant Games offers special Holiday Deals for Warlands and Rezolution

Link: Aberrant Games

Reaper - New Dark Heaven Miniatures

Three new DArk Heaven Miniatures are now available from reaper Miniatures

Twasha Dawnhunter Ranger DYOM

Nalani, Dancing Girl

Santa Mousling and Helper

Thomarillion - Curved Staircase

A new building element has been released by Thomarillion

Link: Thomarillion

Monday, November 29, 2010

Secret Weapon Miniatures - Oni Mask Head Swap

Secret Weapon Miniatures published a picture of their soon to be released Oni Mask Head Swaps

Link: Secret Weapon Miniatures

Lead Adventure - New Company

Lead Adventure started selling their miniatures!

Check out their homepage: Lead Adventure

Nameless Design Miniatures - Giant Deep One Release

The Giant Deep One can now be ordered from Nameless Design Miniatures

Calvacade Wargames - ShadowSea Gallery

The ShadowSea-Blog now has a gallery and an online shop for the Clavacade Wargames Dragonblood range

Link: ShadowSea & Calvacade Wargames

AGN Miniatures - New WWII Tanks and Infantry

AGNM released two new tanks and two new AT guns

Link: AGN Miniatures

Mantic Games - Individual Dwarf Characters

The four Dwarf Characters from Mantic Games can now be ordered individually


Link: Mantic Games

Scibor Miniatures- Christmas Miniatures

Scibor Miniatures added two Christmas miniatures to their shop.

Christmas Dwarf Pilot

Christmas Snowman Slayer

Link: Scibor Miniatures

Splintered Light Miniatures - 15mm Barbarians

Splintered Light Miniatures announced another wave of new 15mm releases, this time Barbarians of the Bear Clan

JoeK Mins - Papa Demon Releases

A new miniature, Papa Demon, is available from JoeK Minis

Link: JoeK Minis

Impact! Minaitures - New Elfball Releases

Impact! Miniatures released several new miniatures for their Elfball range, including Timberline Elves and Ratmen

Link: Impact! Miniatures

Fiendish Fabrications - New Gothica Release

A new ste for the Gothica Miniature range is available from Fiendish Fabrications

Link: Fiendish Fabrications

Foundry Miniatures - Scarecrow Regiment and Gargantuan Orc & Goblin Army

Two new releases from Foundry Miniatures, a Scarecrow Regiment

and this truly gargantuan Orc & Goblin Army

Link: Foundry Miniatures

Terragnosis - Workbench Pictures

Terragnosis released a couple of WIP pictures

Link: Terragnosis