Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Zenit Miniatures - New Yokai Quest Previews

Zenit Miniatures published new previews of Yokai Quest:

Link: Pictures on Kickstarter
Link: Zenit Miniatures

Pendraken Miniatures - 10mm Eastern Europe Terrain Preview

Pendraken Miniatures presents a new 10mm WW2 Eastern front building:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Pendraken Miniatures

Bombshell Miniatures - New Kritterkin Release

Bombshell Miniatures offers a new Kritterkin miniature:

Link: Bombshell Miniatures

Great Escape Games - New Dead Man's Hand Previews

Great Escape Games announced new miniatures for Dead Man's Hand:

Coming this April: The Curse of Dead Man's Hand.
Link: Picture on facebook 
Link: Great Escape Games

Fenris Games - New Terrain

Fenris Games released new terrain pieces:

Link: Fenris Games

Knight Models - New Riddler Crew Previews

Knight Models presents a new Riddler crew for the Batman miniature game:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Knight Models

Kromlech - Wardemon of Fate Preview

Kromlech announced the Stygian Wardemon of Fate:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Kromlech

Rubicon Models - Jeep Crew Previews

Rubicon Models published pictures of the crews for their upcoming Willys Jeep kit:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Rubicon Models

Scibor Miniatures - New Preview

Scibor Miniatures presents another dwarf WIP:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Scibor Miniatures

Broken Contract - New Ability Deck

A new ability card deck for Broken Contract is on its way:

Link: Broken Contract

Fantasy Flight Games - RuneWars Expansions Preview

Fantasy Flight Games presents four upcoming expansions for RuneWars:

Whether you’re charging into battle at the front of a cavalry wing, launching a volley of blighted arrows with skeletal archers, or taking command of your army, these four expansions offer the tools you need. Look for these expansion packs at your local retailer in the second quarter of 2017:
Oathsworn Cavalry Unit Expansion
Daqan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion
Reanimate Archers Unit Expansion
Waiqar Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion
 Link: Fantasy Flight Games

Privateer Press - Circle Orobos Command Preview

Privateer Press announced the Circle Orobos Command book:

Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros Command provides the foundation you need to take up the work of this powerful and ancient order with:
• Complete rules and profiles for the mighty warlocks and savage warbeasts of the Circle Orboros, including two new warlocks and a new character warbeast.
• Detailed history and background information, including an in-depth look at Circle warlocks and warbeasts.
• A painting guide full of tips and inspiration to help you create an army as individual as you are.
• Two new theme forces that allow you to create specialized Circle Orboros armies with specific benefits.
Link: Privateer Press 

Scibor Miniatures - New Preview

Scibor Miniatures presents new preview pictures:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Scibor Miniatures

Rubicon Models - Firefly IC Previews

Rubicon Models presents pictures of their Sherman Firefly IC:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Rubicon Models

Creature Caster - New Treewalker Preview

Creature Caster published a new picture of their Treewalker:

Monday, January 30, 2017

Gary Hunt Miniatures - Free Fantasy Warr Rules

Gary Hunt Miniatures offers their new Fantsy Warr rules as a free download through ZombieSmith:

My Fantasy Warr rules are "Live"! And even better, they are free.
Link: Gary Hunt Miniatures

Zenit Miniatures - New Releases

Zenit Miniatures released new miniatures and terrain:

Link: Zenit Miniatures

LOAD Board Game - Kickstarter Ending Soon

The Vanguard of War Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: LOAD Board Game

Skull Forge Scenics - New Tree Stumps

A new set of tree stumps is available from Skull Forge Scenics:

Link: Skull Forge Scenics