Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Break! Geek Nation Tours - AdeptiCon 2018 Tour Announcement

Geek Nation Tours announced their 2018 AdeptiCon Tour:

In the past, Geek Nation Tours brought tour participants Pre-Public guaranteed AdeptiCon registration. We offered those that hop on the tour the opportunity to select AdeptiCon events before the general public and thus insure that tour participants get to grab all the events that they are hoping for. This year is no exception – book prior to October 30th 2017 and you will be able to pre-register for all events in advance of them going public. Don’t come half way across the world only to have the spots you wanted disappear…
2018 will see Geek Nation Tours again include both the Very Important Gamer Swag Bag Upgrade and the AdeptiCon Weekend Pass in the tour price. The package includes Preferred Check-in, an AdeptiCon T-shirt, and an AdeptiCon glass. Not only that – Geek Nation Tours makes your VIG package even better! We love making it easier for our tour participants! We will pick up your tickets, weekend passes and your swag bags for you. Absolutely no waiting in line – just show up at the Welcome Dinner and “bang!” you will receive your loot hassle free (with a few extras from Geek Nation Tours, Bombshell Miniatures and Ironheart Artisans).
Link: Geek Nation Tours 

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