Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Warcradle Studios - Wild West Exodus Rules Trade-In

Warcradle Studios announced a trade-in offer for the second edition of Wild West Exodus:

So, you want to know how to get a copy of the Second Edition rules for free? Great!
First off, you will need a copy of the First Edition rules. Already own the Wild West Exodus First Edition rulebook? Any First Edition rulebook counts, including a copy from the Two Player Starter Set! Great, carry on. No? Not a problem, you can pick one up for just £10 at your FLGS stockist or online.
Ok, so you have your First Edition book, how do you get the Second Edition rules and what will you be getting?
What you get - The current plan is for us to send a beautiful A4 colour softback rulebook (over 100 pages) to your local FLGS for you to collect. It will contain all of the rules for Second Edition, along with some background and hundreds of photos/artwork.
Want more? - We will also be releasing a deluxe (400+ pages) hardback rulebook for people to buy, more information on this product coming soon.
Before you fill out the form below please do the following steps:
1) Share a photo of yourself with the 1st edition rulebook (at least one, but more is great)
2) Tag us into the photo with @wildwestexodus and use the hashtag #wwxrules
3) Tag in your local gaming store where you would like to collect your book from (if you have one). No FLGS? No problem, we will send it directly to you.
4) Fill in the form with links to your social accounts where you have posted your images.
Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming out each week!
Link: Wild West Exodus 

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