Monday, May 29, 2017

Cool Mini or Not - New Zombicide Green Horde Previews

Cool Mini or Not presents the Orcs and Goblins for Zombicide Green Horde and announced a companion app for the game:

Some of the features of the Companion App include:
• A virtual deck of equipment cards allows you to easily control your survivors' inventory, switching cards around with a flick of the wrist and no fear of cards slipping around.
• You can also let the app control the Zombie spawning deck, for an even easier time!
• As you gain experience and new Danger Levels, your new Skill options are automatically displayed, and the app incorporates any pertinent new game effects.
• Having a hard time keeping track of your actions as you gain new free ones? With the Action Bar, you can tick off each specific action as you take it, so you always know what actions you have left.
• Roll virtual dice for any of your equipped weapons, automatically calculating successful hits according to any combat skills you may have (and with sound effects to boot!)
• Choose any of the Survivor characters, including the promos. Up to 24 Survivors can be managed on the same device.
• Network capabilities! Each player can use their own device if preferred, and the app will maintain the whole game-state gracefully!
Link: Pictures on facebook 
Link: Cool Mini or Not

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