Monday, May 15, 2017

Break! Geek Nation Tours - Feudal Japan and the Battlefields of Sekigahara 2017 Tour

Geek Nation Tours announced their Feudal Japan and the Battlefields of Sekigahara 2017 Tour:

The tour will be built around areas of Japan that still give one the feeling of living in those ancient times. It is our goal to take you back to the time of Samurai. So join us as we explore not only this battlefield in detail but also a wide range of Samurai related sites. The first days of our tour bring us to the Seki Cutlery Festival which is dedicated to blades of all sorts. We will see sword making demonstrations, the Seki Sword Tradition Museum and an outdoor knife show where you can purchase blades of your own. We will then slow the tour down and just like ancient times, we will be forced to hike by the Shogunate (your Geek Nation Tours representative) between Magome and Tsumago. The road was well traveled by Samurai in ancient times and still to this day feels like a journey into the past. We will plunge into a traditional Japanese onsen or two just like the Samurai used to sooth aching bones… Castles will also be on the list and as such we will visit some of the very best – Matsumoto and Himeji Castles. Last but not least, we will visit the small city of Takayama and journey back to ancient Japan in its timeless temples and streets.
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