Thursday, May 11, 2017

Break! Geek Nation Tours - “Essen Spiel and Gaming in Germany” Tour 2017

Geek Nation Tours announced their “Essen Spiel and Gaming in Germany” Tour 2017:

Grab your D20s, D6s, and Deutsch/English dictionaries as Geek Nation Tours is heading to a huge boardgame mecca in October. Game to your heart’s content at the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL in Essen, Germany. Operating annually since 1983, the SPIEL welcomes nearly 200,000 visitors and more than 1000 vendors over four days each year making it of one of the world’s biggest trade fair/conventions for board games, role playing games, card games and much much more.
Essen Spiel may form the anchor of this 14 day tour, but if you think we’ll spend the whole time huddled around a tabletop you’ve got another thing coming! Join us as we cruise down the Rhine, drink beer at Munich’s world famous Hofbräuhaus, and visit Cologne Cathedral, before crashing the gates of the SPIEL. Along the way we’ll be sure to make time for playing spotlighted German-designed and German-themed games throughout our stay in that very same country. We are also hoping to include members of the German board gaming community during the tour and will do our best to organize a meet up or two along the way.
Link: Geek Nation Tours 

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