Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beast in the Broch - New Manufacturer

Beast in the Broch is a new company run by a former Crooked Dice employee:

The website launches today, so far mostly as a vehicle for selling the miniatures I took with me from Crooked Dice. Next up I want to work on some rules for playing with those miniatures on the table. Yes, there's 7TV2, but as I no longer have control over that or the relevant supplement detailing the models I have, I need to make something that will stay available. After a bit of thought, I've decided to go back to the Doctor Who Miniatures Game as my core rules set. It's popular, works well for this kind of thing, and is, I think, well regarded. I'll add the new profiles, a system for balancing games, and an all-new mission oriented front end. I'll get some actual rules out as soon as I possibly can.
I'll get some new miniatures made, as I want to expand the Future Freedom Fighters and Federated Security range. This was a big part of my growing up cultural intake, and I want to do it justice. Luckily these are fairly easy and quick to get done, but costly, so hopefully sales will come in to back up this commitment.
Link: Beast in the Broch 

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