Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ironwind Metals - BattleTech Holiday Specials

Ironwind Metals offers two limited edityion Holiday Specials:

They will be up for a limited time, from Friday November 23rd to end of day on Saturday December 8th.
Holiday special set one: all of the Con Limited Releases
Below are all of the Mechs in the first special, including first time on the website of the LE Catapult and the early release of both Jumping Rifleman (7X and IIC) and Jumping Atlas.
Jumping Jade Hawk
Jumping Hachetman
Jumping Thunderbolt
Both Jumping Rifleman (7X and IIC)
Jumping Atlas
LE Cataplut
Holiday special set two: all 5 Museum Scale Mechs
Mad Cat

Link: Ironwind Metals

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