Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Trilaterum - Encounter at Sarin’s Rim Release

The 15mm Trilaterum: Encounter at Sarin's Rim starter set is now available:

Trilaterum: Encounter at Sarin’s Rim Featuring high-quality 3d-printed figures designed by Ill Gotten Games, Trilaterum: Encounter at Sarin’s Rim is a new two-player starter set that kicks off the developing story of Trilaterum, as the battle for the planet’s surface tilts into interstellar conflict. Inside you’ll find two forces – a team of hard-as-nails Dominion soldiers and the alien host of Agaricale warriors.
Inside the Trilaterum: Encounter at Sarin’s Rim Starter Set you’ll find:
Trilaterum Updated Rulebook
Encounter at Sarin’s Rim Scenario Booklet
Drop Pod Objective miniature
8 8-Sided Dice
20 Stamina Markers
12 Activation Markers
5 Suppression Markers
3 Mytoan Soldier Units (9 figures, 3 bases)
2 Sporeworm Units (8 figures and 2 bases)
Spore-Wing Unit (4 figures and 1 base)
3 Dominion Power Armor Units(9 figures and 3 bases)
2 Dominion Exo-Knight Units (4 figures and 2 bases)

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