Monday, August 7, 2017

Break! Geek Nation Tours - New Japan Tour Announcement

Geek Nation Tours announced their Comiket, Anime, Giant Robots and Video Arcades 2018 Tour:

This tour will focus on Tokyo, covering as much geeky goodness as we could handle all in, or around Tokyo. We have been getting requests for Giant Robot and Video Gaming tours, as well as requests for more Anime goodness. Further, we have always wanted to do an anime shopping tour in Japan – allowing North American Anime geeks to plunder everything from model kits, to action figures to cosplay outfits. This tour will have all those in spades.
You ever wanted to see all the cool places to buy geek stuff in Japan? Have you ever wanted to seek out giant robots? How about game in the very best video arcades that Tokyo has to offer? If so this is the tour for you… Oh did we fail to mention Comiket (short for Comic Market) which could very well be considered the world biggest comic book convention. It is for sure the largest event in existence for lovers of Japanese anime, manga and game subcultures. You will see not only cosplayers and commercial booths, but more importantly this event is for doujinshi or self-published, fan made comic books and fan art. Each creation has a limited run as they normally are inspired by other people’s works and sometimes tread the line of even Japanese fan tastes…
But Comiket will only be the start of our explorations of Tokyo. We will see Akihabara (the geek Mecca of all things tech and the home of more video arcades then you can shake a Pikachu at), we will shop all the famous geek hot spots like the Nakano Broadway, Animate and Harajuku, we will experience a cornucopia of only the best video arcades in Japan, full your luggage full of Gundam and other model kits, we will explore in detail the most famous of geek islands – Odaiba, and visit a steady stream of Japanese temples and museums ending with a fan “Must See” the world famous Ghibli Museum.
Link: Geek Nation Tours

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