Sunday, July 23, 2017

Raging Heroes - WarStages Terrain Kickstarter Preview

Raging Heroes published new previews of their soon to be launched terrain Kickstarter:

WARSTAGES: THE Scenery System you've been waiting for!
Modular as LEGO
Epic as a Movie Set
So Flexible that you can go from Super Massive Battles to Skirmishes, even RPG, and everything in between!
Coming on Kickstarter Next Week.

First it looks awesome! Right out of the box, you get a super detailed building full of complex textures, details and color. It allows for a crazy level of details.
No need to paint! Painting such huge scenery could be on the near side of forever. We've done awya with that.
It ain't flat! You might think that it would look somewhat flat, but as we first designed all the parts in 3D and then enhanced them with loads of photographic textures, it looks incredibly deep and tri-dimensional. On top of that, we use many visual tricks in the assembly of the structures to give them even more volume.
Easy to put away: Since most parts are not glued together, you have a lot of freedom in how to put it away once you're done gaming. You can completely break it down, or just disassemble the largest parts and keep the rest ready to go for your next battle. An under-bed plastic sweater box or two should do the trick.
It's quite light: Card board wins hands down compared to resin, plastic or MDF.
It's cost-effective: We wanted to make sure that tis epic scenery would remain affordable. Sure, like always with printing, you need large runs to keep cost reasonable, but once above certain quantities, the kits become very affordable compared to their actual size.
It's a very strong material: To our surprise, it is also extremely strong and resistant! A single sheet of card board may not feel like a strong object, but once it is assembled into a structure, it is super robust and can withstand heavy loads, in any case more heavy than any large mini you might place on it. If you are unsure about that, just browse the internet and see for yourself how people build real furniture (and even houses!) in cardboard...
Link: Raging Heroes

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