Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Alchemist Miniatures - New Kickstarter Announcement

Alchemist Miniatures announced a new Alkemy Kickstarter:

Alchemist-Miniatures team has the project to launch a second crowfunding project via Kickstarter after the summer holidays, in order to finance:
- A basic box to start Alkemy
- Packaging of starters, blitz lists and individual blisters
- New products to be delivered in 2018 for the birthday of the 10th anniversary of Alkemy, including a miniature sculpted by one of the original sculptor...

Our project started at the end of 2013, our objective was that Alkemy could be sold again in store. To achieve this goal we have passed several stages:
- Acquisition of Alkemy license
- Design a new game format named "Alkemy Blitz" (180 points)
- Relaunch the French community
- Create 2 new factions (Naashti and Utopia): funding by first Kickstarter in 2015.
- To distribute the game through by a store network.
This last step requires a second investment and that is why we will solicit you financially by this second Kickstarter.
Passing through a distribution network means that we produce a packaging and this entails additional costs.
We will present our offer to:
- Create a basic box that will allow to have "all in one" to play with friends, family, club... This one will not address to all the current players because they possess all elements to play Alkemy. The box will take up existing miniatures from the Khaliman Republic and Jade of Triad factions. This box will address new players who will be able to discover the game, and have all the game elements to start playing Alkemy.
- Create starter boxes for one faction
- Create “Blitz list” boxes (A starter without having to spend for the game elements that the player already owns). The faction boxes will address players who want to go further in the game by discovering new factions, new game strategies, or collecting the miniatures of their favorite faction
- The unit sales of blister-size miniatures will allow players to vary the miniatures played and optimize their game strategy, or to complete their collection.
Link: Announcement on facebook 
Link: Alkemy 

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