Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ninja Division & Reforged Studios - Warforged Announcement

Ninja Division and Reforged Studios announced a new tabletop system:

Reforged Studios and Ninja Division Publishing announce Kickstarter for Warforged: First Contact
Boise, ID, and Helsinki, Finland (March 8, 2017) – Ninja Division Publishing LLC. and Reforged Studios are proud to announce Warforged: First Contact – the first product in a line of games and supplements, introducing the war torn realms of the Mantra Wars.
Warforged: First Contact is a tabletop strategy board game that pits the fearless warriors of the Iron Legion against the Mantra, a galaxy-spanning covenant of aliens bent on dominating the human race. Warforged: First Contact will be a tabletop strategy battle game, with rules designed by hobby industry legends Tuomas Pirinen, and Andy Chambers, and with production and miniatures by Ninja Division Publishing.
April will see the launch of our public funding campaign to raise awareness and to help fund the production of Warforged: First Contact, and a host of supplementary content and special offers for campaign backers.
Reforged Studios CEO Teemu Vilén comments: “Reforged Studios has been busy designing a deep and engaging world for our digital property, creating a setting for having players command mighty heroes and huge armies. That led very naturally into thinking about designing a game for the tabletop space as a spin off from the mobile game we are working on.”
About Reforged Studios – Reforged Studios was founded in 2015 in Helsinki Finland. The twenty member team is built from industry veterans who have been developing international hit franchises such as League of Legends, StarCraft 2, and World of Warcraft among others – including the world’s most popular online titles. We are core gamers on all platforms and combine gaming culture and expertise with an acute business design sense. This vast experience has been built in companies such as EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Games Workshop, CCP Games, Frozenbyte, Lionhead Studios, LucasArts, Hi-rez Studios, Remedy Entertainment, Housemarque, and Next Games.
About Ninja Division LLC – Ninja Division LLC, and its subsidiary creative studio Soda Pop Miniatures, has over 50 years of combined experience in key roles creating new game experiences and intellectual properties for their own and other successful cross industry products – with product development and management experience that draws together the worlds of digital entertainment, pop culture, powerful licenses, and tabletop hobby gaming. This experience was developed across working with companies like Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, EA, Microsoft, Privateer Press, Sabertooth Games, Cipher Studios, Red 5 Studios, Palladium Books, and Seven Seas

Reforged Studio’s Creative Director Andy Chambers and CCO Tuomas Pirinen took some time off their busy schedules to answer a few questions about the upcoming tabletop game, Warforged: First Contact.
Q: How did the initial idea of the miniatures game come about?
A: We were (and are) working on the digital game as well and we’ve used physical miniatures for testing out ideas all the time. So one day we said: wouldn’t it be awesome if we could play these games with custom-made models? We did a few quick tests, and everyone loved them. So then we decided to start looking for partners to bring the game into reality.
Q: How did you end up joining forces with the Ninja Division and Demigods studio?
A: Andy Chambers, the creative director of the project is also a part time espionage expert and he had acquired some revealing photos on the Ninja Division head honcho, John Cadice… No, seriously, Andy met the good folks of Ninja Division and Sodapop Miniatures in a games convention, and there just was an immediate rapport and synergy. After we saw some stunning artwork by Demigods Studio, we roped the, in with promises of glory and rum.
Q: What gameplay feature are you most proud of?
A: I really like the way the dice are used in this game. Instead of players having to remember complex special rules and exceptions, whenever you roll “SPECIAL” result on a dice, you simply refer to the character card of the model you are using and trigger its special power. More powerful models roll multiple dice, increasing the chance of rolling the “SPECIAL” result. The flavor and depth of the characters really comes alive from these special powers.
Q: What has been the best thing about this project thus far?
A: Working with the concept artists for sure. You do not get a chance to create a new world from a scratch that often, and bringing the alien Mantra, the merciless Iron Legion and the wild Uprising to life via art.
Q: Can you give us some sneak peeks to look at?
A: Of course! This here is the concept art sketch of Commander Kara of the IX Expeditionary Force of the Iron Legion. As you can see, she is a lady who means business. In the game, she unfurls the legendary banner Oriflamme. If she carries and charges into battle., there are very few opponents who can survive.
Link: Ninja Division 

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