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Forged in Battle - New 15mm Releases

Forged in Battle added a lot of new codes to their 15mm range:

WE-G11 – Achaemenid Generals
WE-G12 – Skythian Generals
WE-G13 – Thracian Generals
WE-G14 – Sarmatian Generals
WE-G15 – Greek Generals
WE-G16 – Classical Indian Generals
WE-G17 – Macedonian & Early Successor Generals
WE-G18 – Hellenistic Officers/Generals
WE-G19 – Maccabean Jewish Generals
WE-G20 – Carthaginian & Numidian Generals
WE-G21 – Spanish Generals
WE-G22 – Gallic Generals
WE-G23 – Italian Generals
WE-G24 – Republican Roman Generals
WE-G25 – Later Republic Roman Generals
WE-G26 – German Generals
WE-G27 – British Generals
Early Achaemenid Persian
WE-AE12 – Sparabara foot archers
Early Hoplite Greek
WE-GH7 – Early Greek, Hoplites -II
Later Hoplite Greek
WE-GL6 – Later Greek, Assorted Later Hoplites
Later Achaemenid Persian
WE-AL11 – Kappadocian Armored Cavalry
WE-AL13 – Lykian Infantry
Macedonian, The Bactrian Greeks
WE-MB3 – Bactrian Greek Extra Heavy Cavalry
WE-MB4 – Bactrian Greek Heavy Cavalry
WE-MB5 – Bactrian Greek Heavy Cavalry, javelins/bows
Maccabean Jewish
WE-MJ1 – Armored Cavalry
WE-MJ2 – Light cavalry
WE-MJ3 – Phalanx
WE-MJ4 – Peltasts
WE-MJ5 – Skirmishers, bow/sling
WE-MJ6 – Skirmishers, javelin
WE-CA6 – Carthaginian Citizen Levy Foot
WE-CA9 – Libyan Heavy Cavalry
WE-SP9 – Spanish Caetrati-II
Celtic Armies: Gallic, Galatian, British
WE-GA10 – Celtic/Gallic Warband-II
WE-GA11 – Celtic/Gallic Cavalry - separate shields
Early Sarmatians
WE-SA8 – Later Sarmatian Lancers
Early Imperial Roman Legionaries
WE-RE1 – Legiones, chainmail, Augustan
WE-RE2 – Augustan Marines
WE-RE3 – Legiones, chainmail, Early 1st Century
WE-RE4 – Legiones, segmentata, 1st Century
WE-RE5 – Marines, 1st Century
WE-RE6 – Legiones, Dacian Wars
WE-RE7 – Legiones, segmentata, 2nd century
Early Imperial Roman Auxilia
WE-RE10 – Auxilia, Augustan, javelins
WE-RE11 – Auxilia, Early & mid 1st century, javelins
WE-RE12 – Auxilia, Late 1st century, javelins
WE-RE13 – Auxilia Scutata
WE-RE14 – Auxilia, Long Spear
WE-RE15 – Auxilia, Mid 2nd century, mail armor
WE-RE16 – Auxilia, Mid 2nd century, scale armor
WE-RE17 – Auxilia, cloaks
WE-RE18 – Auxilia, cloaks/trousers
WE-RE19 – Civilis' Batavian Rebel Auxilia, javelins
Early Imperial Roman Missile Troops
WE-RE21 – Auxiliary Slingers & Legionary Light Infantry
WE-RE22 – Syrian Archers
WE-RE23 – Hamian Archers
WE-RE24 – Western Auxiliary Archers
WE-RE25 – Legionary ballistas
WE-RE26 – Legionary ballistas, mounted on carts
WE-RE27 – Legionary 2-armed onagers
Early Imperial Roman Equites
WE-RE31 – Auxiliary Cavalry, Augustan
WE-RE32 – Auxiliary Cavalry, 1st century
WE-RE33 – Auxiliary Cavalry, 2nd century
WE-RE34 – Auxiliary Cavalry, kontos
WE-RE35 – Catafractarii, early 2nd century
WE-RE36 – Dromedarii, early 2nd century
Early Imperial Roman Guard Units
WE-RE40 – Equites Singularis, 1st century
WE-RE41 – Equites Singularis, 2nd century
WE-RE42 – Praetorian Guards
Early Imperial Roman Miscellaneous
WE-RE45 – Legiones in marching order, segmentata, 1st Century
WE-RE46 – 1st/2nd Century Roman baggage train
WE-GP1 – Caledonian Chariots
WE-GP2 – Pictish Light Cavalry
WE-GP3 – Atecotti Fanatics
WE-GP4 – Pictish/Caledonian Warband, javelins
WE-GP5 – Pictish Warband, spears
WE-GP6 – Pictish Archers
WE-GP7 – Pictish Skirmishers
WE-GS1 – Scots-Irish Chariots
WE-GS2 – Dal Riatan Mercenaries
WE-GS3 – Scots-Irish Warriors
WE-GS4 – Scots-Irish Levy
WE-GS5 – Scots-Irish Skirmishers
WE-DA1 – Dacian Light Cavalry
WE-DA2 – Dacian Warband-I
WE-DA3 – Dacian Warband-II
WE-DA4 – Dacian Falxmen
WE-DA5 – Dacian Skirmishers
WE-DA6 – Dacian Artillery needs a pic of a ballista
WE-DA7 – Bastarnae Light Cavalry
WE-DA8 – Bastarnae Falxmen
Middle Imperial Roman
WE-RM1 – Legiones, segmentata, early 3rd century
WE-RM2 – Legiones, mail armor, early 3rd century
WE-RM3 – Legiones, scale armor, early 3rd century
WE-RM4 – Legionary ballistas, 3rd century
WE-RM5 – Auxilia/Lacearii, mail armor, early 3rd century
WE-RM6 – Auxiliary Archers, early 3rd century
WE-RM7 – Legionay/Auxiliary Cavalry, early 3rd century
WE-RM8 – Illyrian Light Cavalry, 3rd century
WE-RM9 – Roman Clibanarii, 3rd century
WE-BL1 – Blemye Armored Cavalry
WE-BL2 – Blemye Heavy Cavalry
WE-BL3 – Blemye Heavy Cavalry (early)
WE-BL4 – Blemye Archers
WE-BL5 – Blemye Elephants
WE-BL6 – Blemye Javelinmen
Vandal, Visigoth, Ostrogoth
WE-GG1 – Goth/Vandal Noble Heavy Cavalry
WE-GG2 – Visigoth/Vandal Foot
WE-GG3 – Visigoth/Vandal Skirmishers
WE-GG4 – Ostrogoth Medium Cavalry
WE-GG6 – Ostrogoth Archers
WE-GF1 – Frankish Noble Medium Cavalry
WE-GF2 – Frankish Noble Heavy Cavalry
WE-GF3 – Frankish Foot, Angon
WE-GF4 – Frankish Foot, Francisca
WE-GF5 – Frankish Skirmishers
WE-GX1 – Saxon Noble Infantry
WE-GX2 – Saxon Peasant Foot
WE-GX3 – Saxon Levy
WE-GX4 – Saxon Skirmishers
WE-PS1 – Catafracts
WE-PS2 – Elephants
WE-PS3 – Clibanarii Heavy Cavalry
WE-PS4 – Clibanarii Cavalry (felt armored horse)
WE-PS5 – Clibanarii Cavalry (shield, felt armored horse)
WE-PS6 – Clibanarii Cavalry (shield, half armored horse)
WE-PS7 – Horse Archers
WE-PS8 – Levy foot
WE-PS9 – Daylami Hillmen
WE-PS10 – Skirmishers, bow/sling
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