Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Defiance Games - G-54 Preview and Release Update

Defiance GAmes published an artwork showing the german G-54 Assault Rifle:

Additionally they gave a short update of teh release schedule:
Tim Barry - sculptor extraordinaire - has been hard at work making some revisions to the Germans to take advantage of the new plastic production process. We're adding some details, trying to get closer to the concept artwork, and adding some parts (we have more mold room to take advantage of - so we are adding some head options, some alternate arms, and adding in a shortened carbine version of the venerable G-54 assault rifle!) Once he has gotten to a point he is happywith them, I'll post up some renders for everyone to check out!

The Germans will follow immediately behind the Bugs and Marines - we'll then start previewing the next sets.

Link: Defiance Games 

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