Monday, May 14, 2018

On Military Matters - America's Olde West Rules Release

On Military Matters released their America's Olde West skirmish rules:

America's Olde West: 28mm Skirmish Actions & Gunfights – 1836 to 1890 Time to saddle up, pardner, and hit the trail to action in the Olde West, from the Comanche Wars (1836) to Wounded Knee (1890). This skirmish ruleset, an offshoot of the WWII Skirmish Action rules, certainly covers the traditional Wild West (post-ACW to 1880s), but the Indian Warsranged over a far wider period and so does America's Olde West. Initiative is by faction (gang, squad, war party, posse, etc.), which usually numbers between four and ten, and each figure gets one action – Move, Shoot, Take Cover, and so on. Then each figure dices against its quality number for a second action… but certain factions receive a second action without needing a roll. For example, U.S. infantry do not need an action to reload. That offers subtle differences between factions.
Link: On Military Matters

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