Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Peter Pig Miniatures - Western Rules Preview

Peter Pig Miniatures presents a preview of their Western rules:

These will replace the 1992 Hey You in the Jail set. We usually update rules after about ten years.
These rules are designed for games wherein the figures operate in groups. They are not a skirmish set.
Western is an historical (the word "faction" is not used), not Hollywood, based game.
There are ten force options. A typical force in 15mm would use 100 figures (about 50 in 25mm) put into five groups. 5 x 3 table. All mechanisms uses the table grid (6" squares for 15mm, 8" for 25mm, etc).
The rules will use the usual wirebound "lay flat" PP style.
The signature PP grid system is also used. Western is full of new ideas and elegant processes. It has been well received when put on the the U.S. and various U.K. shows (we would say that, wouldn't we, Christine?).
Very soon, there will be a pre-order offer too!
Link: Peter Pig Miniatures 

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