Monday, May 14, 2018

3D Alien Worlds - New Necrontyr Pyramid

3D Alien Worlds released a new terrain piece:

A large 29-piece modular set which can be combined to create a variety of Necron-inspired pyramids. Each piece is approximately 100mm high, and can create 3 level pyramids with a table footprint of 360mm x 360mm (300mm tall), or even a massive 5 level mega-pyramid with a huge table footprint of 600mm x 600mm (500mm tall). Many pieces can be interchanged to create a huge variety of pyramids to suit your tastes.
For added functionality, this set includes options for steps and two patterns of door, and also includes files for an internal dicetower tunnel (with removable exterior 'bucket') - throw your dice in the back, and they'll bounce out the front steps!
Link: 3D Alien Worlds

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