Sunday, January 8, 2017

Victrix - New Gallic Infantry Preview

Victrix published new pictures of their Gallic infantry set:

Here you will find a render of the 5th of 6 Gallic infantry. Once the 6th figure is complate we will start the 3 figure command sprue comprising Chieften, Musician and Standard Bearer. The Chieften and Standard Bearer will be wearing chainmail and both figures will be interchangeable.
Included on the command sprue will be many extra heads wearing helmets with various crests, wings, totems etc to decorate the helmets.
We will also include spare daggers, javelins and other pieces of equipment that will enhance the figures.
At present the completed set will comprise 7 sprues of 6 figures and 2 command sprues of 3 figures to give a total of 48 figures.
To follow will be a 24 man set of naked fanatics and a 24 man set of warriors in chainmail. All sets can be cross fertilised thus giving you a huge variety of figures from the 3 sets.
Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Victrix

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