Sunday, January 29, 2017

Osprey Publishing - New Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Preview

The Renaissance Troll published new details about the upcoming Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago game:

So, in the centre, you've got the Heritor. Heritor's are the protagonists in the game. To his right, is his warden, in this case a 'Wind Warden', who not only helps him in battle, but is crucial to his hopes of navigating the Lost Isles. Unfortunately for the pair, they've managed to venture into the territory of some snake-men who are pretty famous for their dislike of visitors...
One other piece of news that I'm allowed to reveal, Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures are once again working together to produce miniatures for the game. This will include a plastic box set of 'crew' figures that will make up the bulk of the Heritor's crew. This will hopefully be released at the same time as the book, in September.
Link: The Renaissance Troll
Link: Osprey Publishing

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