Wednesday, January 25, 2017

West Wind Productions - Panzer Mech Kickstarter Previews

West Wind Productions announced their Panzer Mech Kickstarter:

Panzer Mech will focus on producing a new range of 3D designed and printed Weird WWII Mecha.
Backer Rewards: In addition to a great saving on the RRP of the models, backers will have up to 3 mech pilot models added to their reward for FREE.
On achieving our Objectives, FREE Stretch Goal miniatures will also be added to our recommended Pledge Level - "Mech Commander".
Initial Goal; Jotun Panzer Mech armed with the 88mm KwkM46 Schwer Kanon and a 60mm Schwer Granatenwerfer.
As the campaign successfully unfolds, additional models will be added to the campaign as follows;
Flammenwerfer version of the Jotun called the Flammmech "Logi"
British "Bulldog" Mech with twin Quick Fire 75mm automatic canons.
American "Tecumesh" M4-MC a medium mech designed for mass production.
Japanese type 72 MEKA “Akuma jū” Devil Gun
In addition to these cool new 3D Mech, we will be releasing the following models as Add On's:-
Tesla Canon
Red Claw
Templar Aquisitors
Flesh Golem
Oni combat monster "oni-ni-kanabō"
USMC infantry squad
Japanese infantry squad
German Plasma Truppen
As an added bonus we will give our Kickstarter Backers access to our Weird WWII back catalogue at backer exclusive prices, which will feature some fantastic bundle deals.
.............and to round things off we have a few more surprises in store.
This Kickstarter project is due to go live at noon on Saturday 4th February.
Link: West Wind Production 

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