Friday, May 11, 2018

Assault Publishing - Going Out Of Business

Assault Publishing is going out of business:

But if you lose, lose in good style. I'm very happy that I'm closing Assault Publishing without debts, uncompleted orders, or other problems. I also know that my games will have support in the future: the Shadows in the Void miniatures range will be continued by PicoArmor, and their minis are also a perfect fit for Hind Commander and PMC 2640. In general, our U.S.-based friends can provide you with everything you need. You will be able to buy Assault Publishing rulebooks from them as well, or from me directly (as according to law, I'm allowed to sell my own books without registering a company), but I do not plan to print any new rules. The remainder of the assortment will be on sale (discounted from 35% to 50%) in the Assault Publishing online store until 25th May, when the shop will finally close once and for all.
Link: Assault Publishing

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