Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Muse on Minis - New Terrain Set

A new terrain set is available from Muse on Minis:

Announcing Strompost Alpha -- This modular building system is the perfect terrain for your 28 - 35mm Sci Fi Games. The Elements combine in a lot of ways to create unique structures and buildings. Set up a different table every time you play !!! Compatible with Infinity, Dark Age, Warhammer 40k, and Shadow War.
This set comes complete with everything you need to fill your table at home with terrain. Set comes unassembled but if you select the Preassembled option for only $100 we will assemble it for you.
1 Command Room (8 by 8 building)
9 Large Buildings
11 Small Buildings
4 Buttresses
2 Eagles Nests
18 Barricades
24 Ladders
6 Shipping Crates
6 Objectives
4 Small Bridges
2 Large Bridges
Link: Muse on Minis

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