Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Plastic Soldier Company - New Cold War Announcements

The Plastic Soldier Company announced new Cold War releases:

Due to the success and popularity of our plastic 15mm T55 kit, we are going to up our Cold War offerings
There is mounting demand from the 20mm crowd to do the 15mm T55 in 1/72nd. We hadn't planned on doing a 1/72nd version but we are feeling the love!
We are going to run a "Willstarter" Pre-order program. Once we have 200 pre-orders it will go into production. We have put a stock counter of 200 on the product so you can all see the total grow. (Counterintuitively) when the counter reaches zero we will be green for go!

*BONUS*! All pre-orders will be entered into a prize draw to win a box of 3 painted T55s - winner's choice of paint scheme - painted by the very fair hand of our very own Mr Piers Brand

I have given the go ahead to finish off Battlegroup Northag - a cold war version of our popular Battlegroup WW2 rules system. We have a "work in progress" set of rules and army lists, the basis of which has very kindly provided by some Battlegroup enthusiasts. Full design and development work will begin this summer. No release date yet but keep an eye out!
The PSC design team have just started work on a 15mm Leopard 1 kit with A1, A3/4, Gepard, A5 and C1 options (to be confirmed). If the 1/72nd T55 "Willstarter" goes well this big cat will get the same treatment!
Link:  The Plastic Soldier Company

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