Saturday, June 17, 2017

Break! Multitude Game Set - New Game Preview

The Multitude game set will be on Kickstarter soon:

Introducing the Multitude Game Set. The Strategy of Cards. The Excitement of Dice.
Bring 50 games with you anywhere.
The Multitude Game Set features 50 different games. All 50 games use BOTH cards and dice.
The box is small and easy to bring with you to game nights, poker nights, parties, camping, family gatherings, or just hanging out with friends. Most of the games are short, so you can play a few to several different games in the time it takes to play one typical board game.
Many of the games in this set are variations of popular card games which have been adapted to integrate dice into the game. There are also some variations of popular dice games which have been adapted to integrate cards. There are also original Cards and Dice games.
This Game Set also includes Board Games which use cards and dice. Some of the board games are inspired by classic board games and some are original. There are also some games that use dice rolling skills where accuracy is used to score points.
The Game Set includes a 2 piece cardboard game box, 72 Poker Size Cards, 8 large Game Board Cards, 50 12 millimeter Dice, and Game Rules booklet with 50 games.
The box and cards will be printed by MPC,, and the dice will be supplied by Chessex.
The game set will be available on Kickstarter July 1st through July 30th.
Link: Multitude Game Set

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