Saturday, April 15, 2017

Warlord Games - Operation Sea Lion Pre-Order

The next campaign book for Bolt Action can be pre-ordered from Warlord GAmes:

Inside you’ll find a complete time line from 1935 to the invasion of Britain in September 1940 and the days that followed. Top notch new units, vehicles, theatre selectors, ‘What If’ history, the ‘Real’ history and scenarios with campaign rules… all that’s missing is a cup of tea.
Discover the weird and wonderful ways the British boffins worked everyday weapons into destructive oddities to defend the home shores – ranging from the Northover projector (the last ever black powder weapon issued to the British army), to the Spigot Mortar – a weapon that ignited Winston Churchill’s ‘boy’s own’ love of the dramatic. We also find out about Winne & Pooh – two 14″ guns – and why the Germans dropped a wooden bomb on Pooh! There are of course many, many more weapons, units (roller skates anyone?) & vehicles listed – with models to come hot on the heals of the book (but more about them later…), we just can’t wait for the Great Panjandrum – 35 rockets propelling a 10ft wooden wheel at speeds of 60 mph – packed with explosives… just imagine that screaming toward you as you land on the beach!
Link: Warlord Games 

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